England Is My City

Me and the gf are doing a trip around the UK in september, our plan is to take a boat from Dover and go all the way up to Scotland (using public transport given I can’t rent a car and don’t feel comfortable bringing my own across the pond…)
We plan to start in Dover and then get a plane back to Brussels from Edinburgh.
My question to all you Brits and people that have done something similar is whether you guys have any recommendations/thoughts about this

Your Sausage

I tought this would be a Jake Paul rant, I already started getting upset :-d

How long do you expect / want the trip to take?

We’re kinda going to see how much interesting stuff there is. probably around 14 days max.

If you swing by stone henge I know cheap local places to stay and where to eat.

I live near the peak district, and I reccomend you see it, Has some lovely walks, especially for mad dog owning anoraks like me.

Whatever you do, just don’t tell them you’re their sausage. :slight_smile:

Manchester is decent for good architecture/good night out if you want that sort of thing. York is a good visit too.

I’d say spend a day in London seeing all the sites, and be on a train to somewhere cheaper before the end of the day; spending more than a day there will bankrupt you.

The Peak District (right in the centre of England) is very pretty on a nice day (good luck), as is The border between England and Scotland. If you want to check out a theme park on your way through, Alton Towers is in the peak District, and is probably the best one in the UK. Not sure how much it costs though.

If you want to see some cool, several hundred year old buildings, York and Lancaster are a good visit.

Manchester is a nice mix of modern and Victorian, and has some fantastic pubs and clubs, and surprisingly cheap. If you go there, check out the Gay Village and China Town, as well as the various museums and galleries. Maybe check out a footie match while you’re there if that’s your thing (It is home to the most popular team in the world, after all… And also the shitty blue ones.)

Nottingham is also essentially Diet Manchester, but with added Robin Hood, and a pretty nifty little museum of an underground village, which is novel.

Derby is a shit hole, don’t come here :smiley:

Ahh, that’ll explain your ping then :stuck_out_tongue:

Also in nottingham is ye oldeste pubbe in englaland. "Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem" And the first stop for many pilgrims. To my dismay they no longer serve Mead, but the pub itself is interesting, as it ia carved into the caves in the cliff face of the castle, with underground chambers and tunnels. Very unique. Nice atmosphere.

Thanks for the tips guys!
Nottingham/manchester seems like something that might be fun to do,

[user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/12591864/avatar/small.1526326563.jpeg” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] We’d love to go see Stonehenge but it seems kind of difficult to reach using public transport, is it as difficult as I think or am I missing something?
Also is Lake district worth doing? or is Peak district better?

I’d say do either peaks or lakes, depending on the weather.

If the weather’s good when you’re in the peaks, do that, if not, go to the Lakes instead? Or something like that.

No mate you just need to get a train to Salisbury train station which is pretty easy I could give you a lift from there.