Early Sneek Peek into my next project.

[May or may not be a card game at all, could become something else totally.]
*Goal would be to have 3 ‘‘Faction’’ with each about 35 cards.
Faction: Carpe Noctem, US forces, RU forces.

  • ‘‘Common card’’ every faction could use.
    Rules and such are still to be determined.

10/10 would bang… ekhm I mean play ofc. Watch out for typos (first card: 3 turns instead of 3 turn).
I like the idea very much :slight_smile:

Ooh can the grunts and NCOs have their own cards?

It’s the point, I’ll try to get as much of you guys as I can in the CNTO deck.
But I still have to determine how.

Oh wow, looks great!

Please tell me the "Anders" card will be something like "makes an enemy vehicle drive crash."

Plz Goat…

Price card 50% epic win 50% catastrophic failure

Ozzie’s is basically a mad bomber I guess?
[spoiler=The card][/spoiler]

No, the Joke have been here long enough.
On the other hand, Goat, Anders could choose yours :slight_smile:
That would be more ‘‘Fun’’.

"Crew dismounts from AFV?" any vehicle I’m in seems to explode at least once.