E3 2016

Has anyone else been keeping up with the news/watching the conferences?

Has anything in particular caught your eye? I liked the Mass Effect Andromeda info, though I can’t deny that I am wary of this one.

God of war got me excited, especially as its now seated in Norse mythology

Lots of excitement from my end but most of all realising we should have a CNTO E3 holiday in 2017 :thumb:


10/10 GOTY every year


Hyped for the Skyrim Special Edition, Titanfall 2 and FIFA 17.

God of War, too bad i don’t have a PS4. Mount and Blade 2 looks great also. Mass effect I love but also wary of it. And best of all, the new Deus Ex. Havent even watched the E3 for it and I dont wanna know anything

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