DUWS Small Op

Anyone interested in hopping on Arma3 and playing a bit of the DUWS game mode? I can host 4 people via Hamachi or if someone else has a better hosting option, I’m down for that. I was planning on using that ASR AI mod as well. Been playing with it this afternoon and it makes the AI pretty fun.

Concerning ASR: I had a moment while playing DUWS on my own where the AI just kind of stared at me for a bit and the BLUEFOR AI wouldn’t engage, it was an odd moment but not too long after they started fighting each other again.

Anyway, yeah, if anyone’s interested just let me know.

I would be but I’m working tonight. Tomorrow I can do, though.

Sounds good! We can load up Tfar and AGM too if we’d like.

I’m up for it!

So, what IS this DUWS thing?

Its a mission file that creates a ‘mini campaign’ on the fly. You select where you want your main base then set up how many OpFor zones you want, how tough the enemy is, and a few other options then the mission spawns everything in. Once in and set up, you have Command Points to spend on things like AI soldiers, AI fireteams and squads, vehicles, and some unlocks (like armory access, UAV recon, a heli-taxi, artillery strikes, etc). You then set out to take the zones from the OPFOR. Taking the zones gives you Command Points and allows you to set up FOBs to defend the area. You can also do random side missions for additional CP. Its a really fun, no hassle game mode that is probably my second favorite way to play Arma3 (the first being the CNTO missions).

Since DUWS is a mission not a mod, and there is an RHS Escalation version, would it be possible to put it on the CNTO server? I’d love to get a nice sized mini-op going for it. Some good fun without having to do much in the way of set up.

IF anyone is up for this, I’m down to get a group going. been playing it with the AI all day. Its pretty good, but its better with people.