Due Process - pretty fun. Would be great to play with y'all!

I’ve known about this game for a while when the devs first played it with some YouTubers back in pre-closed alpha. It’s a basic concept but has been really fun, especially with a good team. If anyone is interested, I’d love to play together!

It really does look pretty interesting! Still got a long way to go but the concept seems pretty fun!
What are your thoughts on the longevity of the game?

I’m up for new stuff almost always, but I’m having a hard time finding footage on it. Could you link some if you know where to look?


Looks pretty fun, I’ll give it a go

Here are some of the old ones from when the devs played with the YouTubers. But now it has new graphics amongst some other new developments. Idea and baseline is the same though.

Longevity wise, currently it is definitely more of a flushed out proof of concept. The maps are randomly generated but they obviously follow some rules so you’ll learn the basics pretty fast. The choices of guns isn’t too big currently and on purpose they have left it as limited as possible due to some game mechanics. I’d say it’s definitely 40 hours of fun easily with good teams. So far my experience with the matchmaking hasn’t been bad. Most people have had microphones and have talked but some are a bit shy or possibly in Discord/TS with their friend, but since most are also new, they usually listened to the loudest voice who decided to give out the tactics. I think with a full team on TS it can be really fun. Develop some quick plans and change them on the go and have fun with ranked.

Some personal notes: To me the devs seem trustworthy enough and currently the game works great. It’s just a bit barebones so the early access makes sense, but the technical side they have made well imho.

Am not really a fan of CS or modern (rip) rainbow six style style games, so I’ll skip on this.

Games too quick for the old man Aether :stuck_out_tongue:

Am old, ok


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