Dslyecxi's new video has alot of intersting things

Hey guys,
You probably already have seen the new video of Dslyecxi (Snippets, ShackTac, Arma 3, and The Future)
The main interesting thing I’ve heard were about them actually using ACRE2 now,
And the community focus to work together again in making mods.
He even almost spoiled an upcoming mod, I personally think he was talking about ACE, as he was talking about realism and a medic system before.

I really hope we can get some solid mods in arma in the near future, I myself am looking the most for the CUP project, ACRE2 and ACE for Arma 3.

Also, I really love the way Dslyecxi talks to his viewers, on a very ‘‘arma community’’ way i’d say.
I really just love the arma community (at least, the serious ones and not the trolling altis life ones who complain about everything, haha)

What mods are you guys really looking forward to having a solid introduction in Arma (again), and what do you guys expect to see in the upcoming Marksmen DLC?

ACRE2 is mostly already very good. I’d say I even prefer the old ACRE port from ARMA2 better than TFAR but a lot of people had trouble getting the old ACRE to work properly. ACRE2 had some bugs but a lot of them have been solved. ACRE2 Omnibus and JVON are actually really cool things that we could use in the future. The biggest weakness that TFAR has is poor 3d directional speech simulation - I think it uses TeamSpeak’s default ‘3d positioning’ feature.

AGM does many things, it’ll be awhile before ACE can replace it, if it ever gets made. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was checking the AI dev branch forum thread yesterday and after mentioning how poorly AI reacts to being fired upon (it goes prone, then it crouches, then it idles in place while taking fire, etc), it looks like BI’s devs took it to heart and hopefully we’ll see better AI in the future.

Yeah that ACRE port had some difficult installation stuff, thank god NouberNou fixed this (to my knowledge and experience) with the ACRE2 public release.

I also think ACE would take a long time, I saw some interviews with the makers from ACE for arma 2, and they said it would be a pain in the ass to get working on it again. (takes alot of time and experience of the systems)

I didn’t hear about that AI thing, there were mods in arma 2 and 3 which tried to fix this, but i really feel there should be an updated AI system, this system has to adjust to impossible amount of situations, and people just assume they are programmed for every situation, when you have to program AI to act accordingly to every situation, and especially in arma, you really need that next-gen google AI.

One other thing, Dslyecxi mentioned recruiting and /r/findaunit, I noticed we don’t have any posts there, nor are we on the group spreadsheet here. I appreciate that posting on there every day might be a bit of an effort, but it might at least be worth messaging the mods to add us to the spreadsheet.

Here’s how to add us to the spreadsheet: /r/ArmA Group Listing

Edit: Has already been done.

Keeping activity and appearances in such outside forums is the job of the PR branch, and yes, I am definitely advertising in the hopes that someone will perk up and want to help there.

I hate advertisement. I recommend AdBlock to everyone I know. Ads got better over the last 2 decades but it’s still full of crap you don’t really need or want.

I want CNTO to become a community people talk about and want to join, essentially eliminating all need for advertisement. Our awesomeness should be our recruitment tool and we are indeed awesome.

I’m eager to tell people about CNTO on forums, IRC and reddit but I don’t want to appear like a self-promoting douche. We should continue with what we’re doing, voting on armaclans.com brings around 25 unique visitors to our site, of which I’d say about 1 signs up. If everyone could hit Subscribe on our YouTube channel that would help too (We have 90 members but only 35 subs durr…). Another form of un-intrusive-advertisement is using a well-designed forum signature that we could use on other forums that we visit. Maybe Tiloup can help.

It would also probably be great if we made a cinematic introduction video, something under 3 minutes, to show how awesome it is to play with CNTO. Then it could be set at the top of the main page for all new visitors to see. Unfortunately I’m flying abroad so someone else will have to make it, or wait for my return on March 2nd.