DnD Quick Sessions

Hello all,
We may be restarting the campaign run by Obi in the near future. With that in mind I will be running a short dungeon with the first session on Sunday 22nd. The aim of this session is for me to get some experience DMing (as I may pick up a very small number of alt sessions during the campaign) and for the newcomers to get some experience in a setting that won’t affect their main. Likewise: if you have been considering joining the DnD campaign but don’t want to commit to a full campaign yet this is an open invite to join and find out. It will tie in to the main (Obi run) campaign, but not have any major plot points: regulars won’t miss out by not coming and new guys might just get a teaser of things to come.
Current guys: feel free to suggest to me the alt (class) you want to bring.
New guys: let me know and we can take time to create you a character of your choosing. All in all it takes about an hour to build the character (though you may or may not want to create a short backstory).

I forgot to mention: given that I am welcoming newcomers: if you aren’t sure taking the 1hr set up is worth the time: I will allow pre-generated characters.
Some are here, though Google-Fu will no doubt help you find some more.
Also if you have been thinking of trying it with someone else we are also inclusive of non-members (and indeed one of my one CNTO friends is probably going to join).

Hey Guys,

I’m gunna be running a one off game (the first time I have been a DM) on a Saturday in the near future. I have got 2 experienced players joining, but I want to allow a couple of people who haven’t played before to have a go.

If it goes well and everyone enjoys it, I may run the whole campaign (I’ll run it once a month at most).

Anyone interested?

I’d be interested in listening in.

Pile the pressure on me why don’t you Goat! lol

Well, I just don’t have the time for to play another session these day, but I always enjoy listening in. Plus it’s always good to get some inspiration or just see a different style.

No one else interested huh? Well that sucks. If anyone does want to try it let me know. :thumb:

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