Diversity of Arma 3 - Cinematic Video

This is one of the best videos which show how deep and diverse Arma 3 is.


Great montage, great music, great everything. I’d show this video to a person which asks what is arma all about.

I lol’ed at the end

A very nice video :slight_smile:

Great video, however it doesn’t complete cover all the aspects of Arma’s diversity. For example it doesn’t show off that you can lone wolf the fuck out of it on something like wasteland, survive in a small group on Breaking Point or have massive tactical operations.

I guess it’s just really hard to explain what ArmA exactly is, however I always like to say that it’s "whatever you want it to be" due to the active development team and the humongous modding community.

Awesome !

Loved it !

haha cool video especially love the ending.