Dice Rolling...

…So, I’ve enjoyed hanging out and doing some Arma 3 with you guys. You’re all pretty damn cool people. I was curious if any of you did any table-top Role Playing. I saw some people in what was labeled as a D&D-ish channel and it sparked my interest immediately.

I’ve been playing table top RPGs for about 19 years now (since I was 11), and been running them since I was 16. I’ve ran everything from Dungeon Crawling D&D, to epic RP-filled Vampire the Masquerade sessions, and everything in between.

I’d love to get some games going or join in some if there is room!

I would be very interested in joining a possible D&D Event

I’d be down. Play all sorts of tabletops games, so I am open to pretty much anything.

By all means, please do so! I have my hands full handling my guys as it is :wink:

A tip for you: Use doodle.com to figure out when everyone will be available. I severely underestimated its usefulness in the past. It is an organizational life saver.
Additionally, I use roll20.net for digital tabletop. Might be something you want to look into.

Doodle sounds awesome!
I’ve actually been using Roll20 for quite a while now. I’ve even got a contribution on the Wiki for a 'language (like elven) whisper work around. I love it and I’ve had quite a great line of success with it :).

What would everyone be interested in? I’m quite familiar with a number of systems and settings. Star Wars, RIFTS, D&D, Warrior-Rogue-Mage, Cosmic Patrol, Vampire (both), and Werewolf: the Apocalypse are some of my favorites.

D&D and the Vampire sound familiar :wink: and good :smiley:

I’ve actually been on the lookout for a group for a really long time now, this is fantastic news.

I’ll gladly play -anything- assuming you’ll have the patience to deal with my thickheadedness. Personally, my favorite system is GURPS and I have a collection of homebrewed campaigns for it and a fairly expansive gameworld. If anyone wants to use it in their sessions or if you want a part-time DM, just PM me and I’ll send over the dropbox resources.

http://i.imgur.com/rjvwb7P.jpg Overworld map I made some while ago. Makes little sense unless you know the lore that genuinely is just a bunch of workarounds to compensate for a lack of knowledge in tectonics. The pennendale fields are an exception to that as they are manmade.

I heard D&D 5E is quite awesome but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I might be up to join a campaign when I return home in 1.5 weeks. :slight_smile:

I just got introduced to D&D (specifically 5E) by a friend in the US. I use Skype and they put the laptop with a webcam on the table to so it’s just like I’m sitting there. It’s great and I’d love to do it more! Too bad their playtime is at 3am for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign me up for a european-timed event.

I’ve never played D&D but im up for trying it out !

[justify]I’d be up for a D&D event as well, as long as I’m allowed to make decisions based on my character bio and not necessarily what’s always best for the situation. Example: If my character is a blood thirsty barbarian I might rush into battle leeroy jenkins style eventhough I know that this is a pretty stupid thing to do. :-d[/justify]

The way I DM, Clarke, what I’d do in that situation is ensure that, if the party doesn’t follow in, they don’t share in the consequences. Or, well, at least not in as deadly a fashion as you.

Do be careful. I once had a player who decided that puzzles were for pussies, so he yanked a gem off a pedestal, which set off the obvious dragon statues, who then killed everyone with fire. Well, it would have, if we hadn’t removed the offending player (many more reasons for that) and veto that his character had a heart attack from severe greed…

Gotta stick with what is fun for the group, you know? F the rules if they’re not fun.

Oh, man, I can’t even count the way people have had some pretty royal derp moments over the years. We even have a saying in my old group for doing something stupid: We call it ‘Touching the Pope’.
You see, in Vampire the Masquerade there is a stat called "True Faith", and if its high enough it allows mortals (and rarely, some kindred) to cause Kindred some varying levels of discomfort-to-death depending on the rating. To make a longer story short, we were in Medieval Rome and it was just turning night. The pope had been out leading a kind of blessing parade. We see him along with all his guards and what-not, so we’re like "Let’s just sneak around…" our friend (Who went on to do many, many other stupid things) was like "No…I make my way to him." He gets in close and then is all "I want to get close to him and say…" The story teller just goes "He turns and blesses you when you approach, as he is doing to everyone who approaches…roll a soak." The character proceeded to catch fire and start flailing in the street screaming.
Perfect dumbassary.

[justify]I agree, the group should whenever possible not suffer for the stupidity of one character. This was just one example, there’s others such as a character should be diplomatic to gain some item from an NPC but due to the bio I’ll play it cocky and demanding rather than humble and kind etc. I just like the freedom to role play a character instead of always doing what I know is more likely to "win" the game.

A perfect example of what I mean is this, when one character spots a spider, every player knows that this is kinda bad news but not yet really bad news and Wheaton role plays being a headstrong cocky adventurer wanting to move on and not search for pony spiders.[/justify]

Oh man, I love those live sessions. Grown up Mr. Crusher has become one of my favorite people.

I’m interested in this if I can find the time.

I’ve played all sorts of systems and settings in my time, and run quite a bit of Call of Cthulhu, which is probably my favourite setting.