Curious if we have any others who play this considering the interest we have for Nightbird/Falcon most missions they come up. I play occasionally but would play more if I had some others pilots to fly alongside

[user avatar=“https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.enjin.com/821401/site_logo/small.png” name=“ScrubLord”]20658623[/user] you play DCS, if I am not wrong?

I would love to learn how to fly in DCS. I imagine you buy the plane you want then learn how to fly it considering how detailed everything is. What plane is good to start with?

i do when the modules are free :LOL: , i literally have a rusty joystick and not planning to upgrade or buy anything for that hobby

If you just want to dip your toes in I’d suggest their Flaming Cliffs 3 pack, you get a few aircraft (of lower quality) but gives you a feel for things before you fully commit for a full fidelity module. If you do want to get something more complicated I’d recommend the F-18 since it can do most things (carrier capable, Air-Air and Air-Ground) or the A-10C which is a pretty fun module if you like ground pounding

Yes! Jet go whoosh! Brrrt!

That being said, never played the game, I’ll try to get the bare basics down before we play together.

Le Perfect Landing

For anyone interested in dipping thier toes in, DCS is now offering a 2 week free to try program DCS WORLD | NEW FREE TO PLAY PROGRAM AND STABLE RELEASE - YouTube

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