Dayz during Hiatus

Hello CNTO,

I’ve had a bit of a hardcore PvE survival itch I’ve been meaning to scratch, and I think Dayz on our server is the way to do it.
I know more than a few people are interested in a bit of a challenge posed by something other than players, and I think with the right mods this can be achieved.
Here is what I propose:


  • Namalsk (Mod)

Core Mods:

  • Namalsk Survival (survival conditions incl. frostbite etc.)
  • Dayz Expansion (helis, cars, weapons, etc.)
  • RevGuns (more guns, plus bows)

Still looking for a mod that makes zombies much harder and more dangerous, since that would be a focus in a low pop server. It would also encourage player diplomacy if the environment is actually challenging and loot is sparse.

Let me know below if you’re interested in this, it would help a lot to know how many potential people would be down.

I’d be interested to give this ago. :thumb:

Can we rename the thread to what game to play during hiatus? Today [user avatar=“” name=“Flo”]16433725[/user], [user avatar=“” name=“Aether”]319225[/user] and some others talked about doing a dedicated Satisfactory server.
I’d like to keep all options open since we can only have 1 server going at the time (I think).
I’d personally rather play that then Dayz again :slight_smile:

You can have multiple at the same, most likely. But even if you can’t, chances are pretty low that they will be played at the same time anyway, so I don’t think we really need to pick one over another. Deal with it if it comes up, don’t think it will be an issue.

Agreed with Aether ^

In other news, I’ve found some good PvZ mods that can customise zombie spawns/difficulty.

More interestingly though, there is an eAI mod now that enables AI bandits that can patrol and be looted, which sounds awesome for PvE

I am feeling the DayZ itch again as well. Also, I like [user avatar=“” name=“Baegel”]2509934[/user] 's idea to make it PvE focused. I’d love to play a COOP where we have to work together because the conditions are so hard because of the AI (zombie/bandit/other?, not just starvation wise since searching for food 50/60 minutes if boring).

Nah this won’t happen. We go with 1 or the other.
There is manual work needed and you can not rely on people being at home during the holiday weeks.

[quote user_id=“3602631” avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]
Nah this won’t happen. We go with 1 or the other.
There is manual work needed and you can not rely on people being at home during the holiday weeks.[/quote]

I’m happy to do whatever manual work is needed

sees Namalsk
Sign me in!

Topic added to November Monthly Meeting Agenda

Since there’s some debate which game to run during the Hiatus and we always only pick one to run on our infrastructure during the Winter break, I’ve added the thread to the Monthly Meeting agenda as an impromptu topic.

I share the view of [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] that we should not run more than one non-Arma game on our infrastructure during the Hiatus. We don’t give admin access to vital infrastructure unless the person absolutely requires it for community work. Thus the inevitable maintenance (restarts, fixes, mod updates, mod additions etc.) will fall upon the existing system administrators. Some tasks (initials setup for example) can be done by non-admins via local copies that can be sent to the admins for installation, but the maintenance of the running system will still be there at the end of the day - and the whole point of the Hiatus is to give Staff once a year a deserved break from being pinged to do stuff all the time. :wink:

Other question, do people prefer a "new" terrain like Namalsk with fugly Arma 2 buildings, or would you prefer a repainted winter cherno?

+1 on this way forward for me. Also interested in this type of Day Z action.

As per the Monthly Meeting decision I’ve set up the poll for our Hiatus game: Forums - Carpe Noctem

Repainted would be good.

Are we going to be rolling on discord/TeamSpeak or will we be communicating mostly in game.

I don’t think we can really tell people which way to communicate, but in-game only would be dope as

[user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] here’s the list since you asked:

Must have mods:

  • Namalsk (map)
  • Namalsk Survival Conditions
  • RevGuns

Would like:

  • Dayz Expansion (should work with namalsk)
  • eAI (bandit AI mod, should have a preset but unsure)
  • PvZ Customisable Zombies (optional)
  • PvZ Spawn System (nice to have)


  • Namalsk hardcore preset
  • Reduced military guns (especially if we use eAI since we can loot off AI bandits)
  • Reduced food drain, since hunting is difficult and food is frozen solid

Mod list posted on discord and pinned. It’s in the survival channel. Server is now up!
You can find it by looking for Seaweed Monster Server in the server browser.

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