Hey guys,

Just a quick question. Is there a possibility we’d do a WW2 D-Day US paratrooper mission?

Is this possible with our current modset or would we have to include several other mods ( and i presume that is the fact ) to add the M1 Garand, Thomson, … ?

I’d like to experience part of the feeling that they must have felt when dropping in. Lost, enemies everywhere you look, and just plain ‘terror’.

Else, a possiblity would be that we’d do a campaign in this setting. Might spice things up because there are no scopes, and the entire setting is different in terms of weapons etc.

~ Volc ~

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We’d definitely need additional mods for this. We don’t, however, need additional mods for paratrooper insertion missions. The bigger problem is: How do we make it work in a way that makes it meaningful? There are dozens of considerations to make in that regard, anything from skill at working under stress right up to what light level to use.

Sorry about the wrong location. :X

Yeah, that’s what i thought. That’s why it might be possible if Clarke has the time to test these mods in the (far) future to make a campaign out of this. - I could try to do this as well - I’d like to help with the mission creating at set time, it would be nice if we could ‘re-enact’ Easy company, 2nd Battalion, 506th.

Also shown in Band of Brothers.

Why them?

First of all, i love the series. Secondly, the attack on a fixed position they did in Normandy on D-Day still is a textbook example of how to do it which is still shown at West Point to date.

I would be glad to help with whatever is needed to make this work, i’ll make the time for this.

I’m willing to write up a complete storyline for this, including details regarding the settings, EI numbers etc. - The latter has to be done with Clarke/… who knows a thing or 2 about the current EI count we engage regularly during missions. -

I know this is a shitload of work, but i’m willing to put the time into this.

Clarke/Ryujin, what’s your thought on this? I know that you guys mentioned that you specifially wanted to slim down the repository due to bugs etc. I’d be willing to host this specific repo on my own connection if needed. Usually at work anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Volc ~

Oh man, I don’t think you’ll even get 0.01%

Oh man, I don’t think you’ll even get 0.01%[/quote]

True, but the general setting ‘attracts’ me in a certain way. I’d really like to play it.

There isn’t much preventing us from carrying out a d-day esque mission with the current mod set (minus the ww2 setting) except the time it would take to create and test. That said I can see why you might want the extra inmersion.

I agree it would make for an interesting mission. Especially if we could get the WW2 setting on top. But as you say yourself Volc it’s probably gonna be far out considering the workload on Clarke atm.

That’s exactly why i wish to take the workload on my own for this entire thing. As long as i can get some basic input in terms of IE, immersion etc, - will search for these things myself as well ofc - i’d be willing to set this up.

Long term though.

[justify]I really like the setting a lot and a long while back I’ve tried to create something D-Dayesque in Arma 3 (EAGC mission). There are unfortunately a couple of issues with this suggestion.

If you want to be true to the time period there is currently no sophisticated mod set out there as far as I’m aware of. Invasion 1944 is no longer developed and I believe Iron Front has lost its main dev a while ago (was the guy behind AiA terrain pack). Iron Front mentioned to still have people working on the mod, but their last update was published in January, it is not compatible with the Marksmen DLC and I’ve read it is currently plagued with a "no-recoil" bug. :-? This is probably the biggest hurdle for playing a WW2 setting in Arma 3. Arma 2 offers much more developed WW2 mods which are up to date with the main game.

In order to ensure all members using the same mods we would have to create a specific mod set for this event / campaign. Usually we do not like to create event-specific repositories, however if the campaign is long enough and the majority of the community is on board with a WW2 campaign an exception could surely be made.[/justify]

Thanks for this Clarke. I’ll start working on this a.s.a.p.

If i have any updates, do you wish to PM you directly or place it here? I know that the chain of command structure is in effect, but idk if it applies to this situation.

Secondly, we’d need the support of the community then. It would be useful to know this before i put a buttload of work in it, and then we don’t want to play it.

Would get me a bit salty…


The CoC is for when one finds problems or questions that you’d like to address to the community leaders. If you specifically need Clarke then there’s no harm done in contacting him. Just remember that he gets metric tons of PMs all the time.

I am aware of this fact, just wanted to make sura Kaleo :smiley:

Now i just need Community Backing to get this started :stuck_out_tongue:

[justify]For now I think you should run this as a side project with the goal of doing a mini-operation - not a main event. See how it turns out and what you can learn from the mini-op (or even a series of mini-ops). Please keep the updates in this thread, that way it stays all organised in one place and others might be able to help you too / exchange ideas with you.

Seeing as there will be probably quite a few technical issues I don’t think we should do a community poll before knowing if we can actually overcome said problems. Otherwise people proclaim interest and get pumped for an event we don’t know if we can officially host in the first place.[/justify]

Valid point.

Will start working on this ASAP.

If anybody wants to help , feel free :smiley:

Hey Volc,

If you didn’t mind just using out current mod set we could get lots of C130’s and have lots of them exploding around us etc with lots of AA fire going on it would be really cool especially set at night, might even be a nice PVP game if we can get AI fighting each other around the PVP area once we drop in. On the whole I think it would be very cool either way.

Let me know if you need any help with it and I will jump on the server with you. :thumb:

Dachi :sunglasses:


Wil take this into consideration. Want to try and get it to be as authentic as i can get it, but this is a seriously good option.

Thanks for this, and the offer.

Will let you know, currently at work and trying to plan out the campaign.
Secondly, i also need to search for/create an Normandy map.

- Still have to complete the theoretics behind flight, that has priority atm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I know you guys love your explosions and tracers and all that shit but watch out. If you put to much boom and bang in the mission it’s very likely not going to run with more than 10fps. Remember that it will always run many times better when testing on your own rig than on a server with 20+ people. I have warned you :wink:

I for one, have a shit PC :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a good person to test the FPS, if mine starts cringing then i know i’m pushing the limits. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for an addition, once i’ve setup a small thingy, we can probably try to test it, and see how it holds up. :slight_smile:

I looking forward to this mission/s but I also see what kinda problems We might run into.
I think We might be better of waiting with this mission until We have more people and make it a PVP one.