Creating new "Independent's" faction

I’m currently creating a faction for the Independent’s side (green) using your coop template. For me the bluefor and redfor factions are "same same, but different" with AK/m16. So I wanted to create a faction that is different.




  • Dont worry about the insign, its working, but I split up the groups for taking picture.
  • Ignor the glasses, thats just the AI

I’v edited the loadout some, due to the different weight with the weapons and kit, and I’v tryed to balance the ammo and other gear like smoke and grenades. With the G3 and its ammo, the weight got alot higher and that led to alot of changes. I have been working on it now for days, and belive iv manage somewhat a decent loadout. To manage to do the final details of my faction I need to test it, figure out if I’v added to few smoke grenades, weapons that dont work well or other small details. That is not posible to figure out without help.

So i’m wondering if anyone would like to join me, do some random small missions with this faction and give me feeback as we go. So if you are in group on TS that want to play some arma3 and want to do something different, please poke me, and I can set up a server in notime.

Hey Stud,

are you creating this using F3 or are you creating a mod via config.cpp?

F3, using the aaf, So It can only be used by players. I’m not thinking of making a "unit" for the game. But it is a possibility, haven’t fooled around with config.cpp thow


Looks interesting, if you see me on TS not doing anything send me a message an hour or so before you plan to do some testing and I will probably be able to help. I like how you seem to have kept to the basic structure our teams have (which helps people know what to do) but with new weapons that might have different enough behaviour to our currents ones to require a slight change in tactics.

Thxs. The unit structure is identical with bluefor/redfor coop template. The only thing I’m not happy with is the AR, because there is to few LMG to select from, so this faction will have to use the same as bluefor. Unless something pops up.

With the loadout I try to have the exact same stuff, in same amount and at the same spot (vest/uniform…) The biggest change is the magazines they are in different amount. The next notably change is that I have added a backback to AT with mags. Then there is some smaller ajustment like putting a granade in the vest instead of the backpack, but I only do that when its necessary. So currently the squad the weight is currently 28 lowest to 33 highest.

After the miniop:

  • The vest is not working, must be changed.
  • Uniform and equipment is to westeren –> change uniform.

After looking on the Gorka uniform Price suggested. There is one issue with this uniform. It will create grafic buggs with the vest. The vest that was fitting has to small amount of "load" There was some few other vest that could work, however they were the same as the Russians. I could still go with it, and make some changes to where stuff is placed (in vest/backpack etc), but maybe people will find that confusing? If anyone have suggestions/thoughts please shoot.

Hey Stud,

Great to see you creating F3 loadouts for us to play with, also like the fact your testing independently which is great. Can’t wait to see what else you create for us.

If you want some ideas etc here is a link to some loadouts I have created in the past. The USARMY OCP you probaly have already seen that was not mine think Clarke created that one, Russian Flora was Hellfire and the US Marines one was Obi. But the rest were mine so feel free to get some ideas from them etc and if you ever need me to test any loadouts out let me know I have quite an easy process of doing it now :slight_smile:

I liked the G3, but as Chris pointed out - it needs proper vest/backpack if you want to carry at least 5-7 mags and its "aim first, shoot later" approach isn’t exactly suited for CQB - I’d suggest one of the camo AK variants (RHS, the default scope can be removed), so the looks (black/green) match the G3. As an alternative, the green rusty vanilla M14 is a nice alternative as a DMR, but - marksman dlc required. :frowning:
Maybe have the Rifleman role have the G3 + carry ammo for it and have the rest use AKs? Or maybe use G3s for everybody and make the AR stand out as the "full auto guy"? Give an AK to the Rifleman in case the AR goes down? Options, options. :slight_smile:

For fatigues, Gorka is not a bad choice, a more camo-ish would be FROG, more "casual" while remaining single-color would be "Guerilla Outfit (Plain, Light)" or the more yellow-ish M88, … TRYK also has some nice solid color black+green clothes (CombatUniform BLK OD). I guess it depends on what you’re after.

edit: If you don’t want the AKs, there are some nice vanilla auto rifles that don’t look too futuristic - like the RFB SDAR. It isn’t perfect, but at least it’s different.
edit2: Also, you could use one of the MP5s. :slight_smile: The MP5/10 has a nice guerilla "feel" to it, but the 10mm might be too powerful - the others are 5.56 or 9mm, though, with a nice GL!

Cheers Dachi, I’m looking into it.

I don’t want to change the main rifle. It was the main reason for creating this faction was to get different weapons. However I didnt like the LMG rifle (m249 same as our standar) the options thow available is not so many. Do you think it will be OP to add Stoner LMG? It would give more firepower that you are addressing Freghar.

As for the uniforms. The gurilla onse is not quite fitting, I want to have a fictional nation. I’v added in pictures of Gorka and Frog uniform.

Gorka crewman
Gorka Squad Leader

Frog Crewman
Frog Squad Leader

The crewman is also for pilots (different helmets)
The Squadleader is just the same as everyone in the squad (except medic)

Frog also have one for desert, Gorka have one other in a yellowish colour, it works also for desert. What did you like best? Also the vest is not set.

For the vest (uniform) I’d suggest looking at the FFCP stuff as they are military uniforms/vests without any flags, so they fit in nicely.

Also a very good alternative for the M249 is the M27 IAR. What it lacks in magazine capacity it makes up for in accuracy and the fact that it’s a lot lighter than the M249. And it looks sexy as fuck.

Yeah! My wet dream is to get beta-c mags ingame for the m27.

IMHO that could be too "OP". I’m not exactly addressing the "non-OP" nature, I’m just suggesting to provide the right tools for the job - the 9mm mp5 variants are very weak and cannot be zeroed in above 200m, so they’re really just fast and light CQB or short-range weapons, but handle much better than a G3 on shorter ranges (like clearing a base) and still pack a punch up close.