Coop - You bet your life/Operation Claw

Hey guys please leave your feedback for the mission and share any stories you may have from it.

I honestly feel like the CAS took a bit away from it in the second half. In the first part we had MG positions that we used CAS to tactically take down and it felt really nice. But as the mission progressed enemies became more and more "dissoriented" should I say, in the sense that they would attack 1 or 2 by 2 and there wasn’t really a need for CAS anymore. Not many big threats either, I think we had a total of 2 armored vehicles. The first one got taken down in a nice fashion while it had us pinned down and the whole alpha squad was going to be wiped. But the second one I don’t think you guys from bravo even noticed :D. It was behind a hill with like and entire fireteam dead near it, that is why we had not much resistance at the last point.

I’m not saying CAS is bad, or that the pilots did something wrong, but if you are going to have CAS and laser designators, I feel like more fortified positions would be nice (or alternatively an armored vehicle here and there overwatching a valley that we have to call CAS on)

For me I have a few points:

  • The mission and the briefing including the objectives on such a small island were done extremely well. Only thing I would say is there was no mention of mines etc in the briefing our only clue was the box full of mine detectors.
  • I liked the amount of enemies and the flanking moves they made it felt really natural and was a really nice job.
  • The medical system stuff that has already been mentioned.
  • My view on the mortars were that I like them they really did make it feel dangerous and I was really pushing CAS to find and take it out as it was wrecking us maybe it would have been good if the recon team on Tuesday had found and marked them :slight_smile: only thing I would say is maybe manually do it and creep them in so people have a chance to move off it was extremely fast and accurate tonight.
  • The use of CAS was really nice I just hope they had fun sometimes things on the ground get so crazy that they get forgotten about, I was glad they kept asking for tasking’s etc and they did do I great job in the mission. I do see Alex’s point on the mission flow though the need for them waned towards the end of the mission but that is to be expected as we were destroying the enemy so their capability and response declined.
  • We really need a way to give the oncoming commander a back brief from the recon phase either through the forums or via a map screen brief before the mission.
  • I really want to thank Ozzie who is a great SL but also Alex who stepped up when he and Xander died and did a great job. Also Skippy as Bravo SL did a great job. I thinks all the leaders on this mission did really well thanks for making it a pleasure to lead in this event great work all round from everybody.


Yes, I regret two and half things :

  • I didn’t double check the medical settings
  • Battlefield sounds sounded like a great idea initially but was over the top later on. It’s very hard to implement that large scale battle without destroying the server framerate with too many AI vs AI battles.
  • Mortars will need to be tweaked. First few rounds can be made less accurate as it’s more realistic than terminator mortar we had last night.

Several major issues I had last night :

AI is way too passive when it comes to returning fire. They had a bunker overwatching the Fantasmo from the hill and at no point did they try to suppress you. When Alpha squad seized the building on the southern part of Fantasmo a lot of AI pretended like it’s not their problem. Especially the APC which went "oh well let’s get closer to the river so I can be taken down with AT easier". Making AI smarter is number one priority as far as I can see. Alternatives to that are rather bleak - increasing the skill makes them too deadly, remote controlling them makes the game unfair (Zeus is too powerful) and increasing the number of AI destroys the framerate.

The mission was good but I just had 3 problems with it.

[*] Mortars. As much as I like mortars being a serious thing rather than a sign for players to move their asses, I didn’t like yesterday’s mortars. War too fast, Way too accurate. I’ve been blessed by not getting even a scratch from the first grenade that landed 10m away from me. I can understand that mortar fire might be fast after we get spotted(and most of the time we were getting spotted before blown up) but mortars dropped on our heads literally. My idea for mortars(if you want to make them dangerous) fire one grenade somewhat close the team so they might get injured but they won’t die(well we all know how it goes but you get my point), give them time to get to cover, move away and then fire closer to their position. Injury from mortar is always enough for me to get the fuck out of the place. It seemed unfair last night. We get spotted, 1 minute later we get sniped by mortars and 3-4 people die right away.

[*] It was hectic. Not anyone’s fault but we got r3kt all this time and seeing our human resources going from 25 to 3 in pretty short time speaks for itself. Comms were good but then on the other hand enemies were acting weird sometimes. Running through open areas like ducks but overall idea of their movement was fine I think.

[*] Fake mines report? I did hear that the island was mined but… Haven’t heard or seen any mine go off. I’m not sure if they were any mines. It’s kind of annoying when I’m careful to not step on a mine and blow up and then it turns out there weren’t any mines.[/indent]

I don’t have to talk about medical system, just do it right next time :slight_smile: Thx for the heal somewhere in the middle of the mission. I thought I will run out of bandages eventually. That wound kept reopening :confused:

I have dem vidoes recorded(it’s so pathetic that we didn’t see the first group of enemies… They had good uniforms for this) but not sure when I’ll upload them. Planning on getting drunk today and tomorrow have some stuff to do so… people that were dead most of the time have to wait to see some of our action :slight_smile: