Coop - Yellow Bricks


I think we should have called this operation Shitting Bricks

The SoP is to shoot a GL at the enemy VIP, steal his hat then tea-bag him!

So for my actual account of the mission then.

First of all the planning phase on the hotel, we had three options and I selected the most cautious, I admit we maybe should have just landed on the roof with hindsight would have been cool :slight_smile:

As you could see from the video I died very quickly on the initial push but from what I saw the guys that survived did really well to clear the entire hotel and on reaching the hotel in general.

At this point all leading player were dead and after some confusion amongst the players left, Volken stepped up (some prompting from Ryujin) while on the chopper after getting lifted to go to the next objective. Then the guysame on the chopper spotted the AAF truck leaving the area of the hotel and heading North. Volken then made the decision to land further down the road and ambush the truck. This was IMO the right call and a brave one, the ambush didn’t go completely to plan with all remaining players getting wiped by the Light APC following it up. Good effort though with limited numbers and as you could see from the video if those AT shots had hit it would have been an awesome success.

After this with all players at base we waited a while for reinsertion and proceeded to confirm whether or not we had successfully killed the HVT, unfortunately there was no sign of the truck or the HVT so we carried on.

We then inserted into the Castle to the north of our final objective and had good eyes on the town. We had been told the target was there to preach so I assumed this might be done at the church so I come up with a plan to assault it quickly and get out. Movement spotted in and around the church further confirmed the church was a good call for the HVT’s location.

On route Freghar pointed out that we could leave guys at the Castle or a bit closer with good eyes on to reign UGL’s and Fire on the town while others moved into town. If I had a platoon I might have done just that, it was a good plan but with our numbers I thought it better to stick together and use those extra numbers in the compound for security, also we used bounding over watch for security instead of a static OW position and in all I think the whole second objective was really good, guys were spot on on with the bounding and Suppression as you can see from the video it looked great, lots of smoke and fire.

Massive KUDOS to all involved especially the FTL’s great work.



On a separate point what did you guys think of the video? Trying to see what works did you like the speed up of boring bits etc?

I suggested to leave just me (with MMG who were IIRC supposed to be stationary at the castle) with the 14 UGL grenades I had, to provide long range "artillery" support. :smiley: (As we didn’t see any civilians from range.)

It worked out pretty well in the end, though.

Sure, IMHO it’s better to see all (even if sped up) than context-less snippets. Maybe I’d lower the volume of the music, though, so the transition between normal/spedup parts isn’t as contrasting in volume.