Coop - Wolves hunt in packs

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i enjoyed this mission a lot. and i think if we do a similar one in the future we will preform even better.
Smehlik and I drove in 4 vehicles till the end of the mission. we were rescued once after our first vehicles went down and we were in the team who rescued the rest. so it was a great mix of "oh shit" and fun for us.
I was assigned into vehicle one as driver at the last 20 min, and i drove us in the wrong direction for a minute, sorry about that. oh, and even tho it was in the night without a night vision, it felt fair because of the enemy using tracer rounds.

great mission. keep it up!

I think the convoy in Part 2 was going excellently, until I saw an enemy walking in the middle of the road, shit myself, and swerved off into the darkness, slamming into a tree and getting shot immediately.

We handled it very well for having so many vehicles.

Despite the fact that I never fired my weapon during this mission, I had a truly pleasant time. The first part was a walk in the park with little happening but the second part at night was tense. I was in an ambulance, slow & fragile. When pushing through contacts with tracers flying around (sometimes in) the car was very stressful. Even in between firefights, the atmosphere of driving through the woods with little visibility in a vehicle column felt special. I made it through all the way and seeing people & vehicles disappear one by one was unsettling.

For the bad points, I’d say comms weren’t always good & organizing the convoy for departure took a long time. I suppose it is to be expected with so many vehicles, especially when we lost cars constantly throughout.