Coop - Winter Special

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here.

Really enjoyed the mission and would love to see a rerun in a non christmas setting. Sadly there were some radio troubles that were out of all of our hands that made the op not quite enjoyable as it could have been.

Some feed back on the loadout: Loadout looked really good but it was missing flashlights in my opinion for the darkness.
The DLC vehicles were also a problem. Even if zeus didn’t plan for us to use them we still were forced to at some point (being droped of by heli and then needing a ride on the ground for way back).

After having played the op i think the following teams would have worked better:
1 x PL
2 x Pilot (for 2 little birds)
X x 4 Man Fireteams
One FT in each Heli and the rest on the ground with the transport.

I agree with Flo for the most, but if this mission were to rerun I think the gear should be more policelike too. People with pistols/smg’s. Maybe 1 or 2 long rifles. It reinforces a police playstyle, and not the military style like yesterday.

As Flo said, I as Plt Commander had a big fuckup even if he didn’t state it cuz he’s kind like that. Basically when I saw that more and more robberies were popping up on the map I should have asked Reaper to split in 2 and be way more mobile on the map. I also don’t think DMT was a good, idea but I couldn’t have known from the start. The idea of DMT overwatch positioning when we were on the classic route was fine but with robberies everywhere on the map, DMT was more left behind not having a vehicle to respond fast enough.