Coop - Windforce

Map: Chernarus
Time: 04:35
Weather: Cloudy
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user]


I Situation:

The ChDKZ has taken over the Airfield near Krasnostav and build a radio tower nearby. There are also reports of artillery positions and they are shelling our allies in Berezino.

Friendly Forces:

[] Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations.
] Reaper
[*] Dagger. [/list][/indent]


[indent][list][] 1 x IFV6a Cheetah
] 1 x AH-6M-L Little bird
[] 1 x MH-6M Little bird
] 6 x Unarmed RG-33
[*] 2 x M2 RG-33

Enemy Forces:

[] ChDKZ.
] Unknown Airforce


[*] None.

II Mission:

Our mission is to destroy the radio tower and the scout the artillery position. If we find anything there we are to destroy the artillery to. After that we can scout out the airfield and report to HQ.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[] Search and Destroy the artillery
] Destroy the radio tower
[*] Scout out the airfield, report findings to HQ

Movement Plan

[*] Don’t move near or past the airfield as it is hostile. Enemy fast movers or helo’s have been deployed from this airfield before so we are giving you a Cheetah just to be safe.

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] 2 Crates in base they include spare explosives, this has to be done by attached air element or reinforcements. [/list][/indent]


[*] Reinforcements will move to AO in RG-33 or by attached air element and regroup with their respective units.

None ?

Sorry mind went blank because it reminded me of several ops in the same area. I started a plan but not feeling too good at the moment, will try and finish later. I was thinking about a slightly more interesting approach along the coast in fast ground convoy then moving into woods. Dismounting and attacking artillery town. As we may encounter air and artillery I thought best to deal with one as fast as poss. Then move up to comms tower and setup to recon airfield.

I agree with [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user], following the coastline heading N-NE & hooking West to first assault the potential artillery position & then moving up on the radio tower makes sens. It limits our exposure to the air field & we can focus tight front line. We would be going in blind but there isn’t really a good OW position with all the trees. However, if we have 2 squads again, we could attack from both SE & NE to have an efficient crossfire on the enemy positions.

As for the assets, using Reaper may be difficult & risky with the airfield so close by. If we manage to move up close without being spotted by patrols & if we can take the objectives fast, we won’t need the Cheetah until the very end when we take a bit of time to conduct some recon. Although, we should probably vacate the radio tower position once it’s down to avoid an accurate retaliation from the airfield.

One of the little birds can also be used for quick insertion if you want to get in and scout quick. Just make sure you stay very low because of the radio tower and the possible air units.
Also just a suggestion, I would aim for 2 squads and one unit (reaper or dagger). No DMT or MMG or Engi. MAT only if we have more people. They are equipped with lockable anti air launchers.

So quick update.

  1. Follow the main road until just before you get to the first lake.
  2. Cross country until clear of rocks then move to coast.
  3. Dismount a few hundred meters from artillery town. Leave AA to guard vics.
  4. Main force approach town through cover from East. While Bravo can attack from North.
  5. Clear town and then quickly move into tree cover to the east. Bravo move into tree cover to the South East.
  6. Alpha and Bravo move through cover to comms tower. Alpha in Northern tree cover, Bravo in Southern Tree Cover. At the same time AA and Vics moved up to most gentle slope by supporting peeps. AA shouldn’t have any trouble up the slope but wheeled will move slow so needs to start as soon as possible.
  7. Clear Tower and then quickly move into covered observation lines Armed Vics and AA on Northern Green Line. Alpha on Middle Line and Bravo on Southern Line.
  8. Observe Airfield and wait for further instructions.

Cross country to the coast and then up to the dismount should be fairly easy for wheeled vics just use your good drivers… Unlikely to meet infantry on coast but air patrols might spot us so be ready to turn left and hide in trees if you hear Zoomies i mean "Fast Movers".

The artillery town is in a flat topped incline so difficult to get a superior position, the red line shows the nearest you have to be before you can shoot into the streets. Without any idea of where the arty is exactly the best attack is to move infantry into it as soon as possible. Bravo could attack from the North to get an angle and even through it is open you are fairly close to the town by the time you can see the streets.

The main thing to remember is until we blow em up air patrols might be called in to strike the objectives we have just taken so get into cover away from objective as soon as we have dealt with it. I wouldn’t recommend hanging around and learning how to use the enemy artillery for example. Our AA should hide too but in a position where they might be able to take down enemy air.

My two cents here. Teddy’s plan is good but it leaves us quite open to aerial strikes. Would we not be better served hitting the comms tower first, breaking their lines of communication and ergo limiting any effectiveness of air units and then striking a very disorganised and confused force in the town from the west?

There’s no reason we couldn’t head further north and use the tree line to advance on the comms tower from the north first. That would get us close whilst keeping us away from the air field. Artillery I don’t see being a concern unless we’re spotted early as without comm lines, they shouldn’t be able to get any effective marks down.

I agree with skippy, moving on the coastline seems like a bad idea. I’d rather go into the forest. Also great point on the radio tower. Without communication they are fucced boi. I was thinking we could do sort of 2 attacks at once but not really. More like 1.5 attack at once. Let’s say Alpha attacks the radio tower while Bravo stays between radio tower and artillery town as supporting element for the attack while also securing the flank from possible reinforcements coming from artillery town. When Radio tower is taken Alpha heals themselves up, set up the explosives while Bravo gets into position for the next attack and starts it as Alpha is going away from explosion WITHOUT LOOKING BEHIND THEM LIKE TOUGH GUYS! Motherfuckers won’t even know what hit them