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God damn it Racoon.

Loved it, thanks [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] !

A lone soldier on his way home :cry:

Did anyone see the low fly by of the big ass bomber ? That shit was intense as fuck omg. Best scene of the mission for me!

I did! Turned around to see it just skim the tree tops. Disappointed Dagger didn’t kill it.

Very disappointed but oh my god, that fly by was good. If anyone recorded it please post footage.

i really had fun this mission
the start was really cool for me, we started in the vehicle driving through the trees being stealthy and all but we got spotted and when we reached the dismount zone it was so chaotic (good chaotic). it was just like a new game trailer, shot barley missing us the sounds of the aircraft and the AA tank taking it down while we are running and hearing our FTL shouting "double down" and "move it" (which didnt bother me at all) so i just put my weapon down and trust in the yellow team to cover us and run for it gave a really special feeling for this mission.
i’ll keep it brief and jump to the end skipping a death. missed my first RPG shot and the second one was a tank standing in the smoke and the new FTL (Stuka) was like "HE’S 50m RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT SEE HIM" so i just un-zoomed and saw it standing right there and blew it up (first tank kill!).
the last thing was the guy driving a vehicle approached us saying he have information for us and i was really enjoying the act he was putting just to realize our team had a mission so i was sad i couldn’t see the rest, 30 sec later FTL inform us that he blew a grenade and blew himself. felt way better after that!

thanks shiny for the mission!

Sadly Had to miss the debrief due to work, but here’s my thoughts.

I had a great time. Hardest I’ve laughed for a while on an operation. Dagger may not have been the most effective unit, but we certainly had a blast. Literally, a few times. We don’t usually have access to anti air, so it was a fun novelty.

At one point I ended up as leader of Bravo, somehow, and tried my best to command them through lots of confusion over radios (I managed to lose my 152 while I was picking up more suitable gear for an infantryman). We were very disorganized, but I think we ended up getting ourselves sorted and taking an artillery position. During which, Raccoon and I got killed, which meant we got our cheetah back (yay!) And we recruited Berenton to take Anders’ position as driver.

In case it wasn’t adequately explained to everyone during the debrief, the horrific incident preceding the airport attack, involving Dagger, and everyone directly in front of dagger, was totally 100% Raccoon’s fault. He heard me talking to PLT over the long-range, and I said something like "So you want dagger to begin the assault by firing on the airfield?". Raccoon, who was, to his credit, very quick to react, immediately fired a missile directly into the trees in front of us, which happened to be the cover which poor Freghar was hiding behind. Then there was much shouting from the outside of the cheetah, and much laughter from inside. We were shortly thereafter destroyed by an unseen enemy, probably the MAV at the airfield. No idea what killed us the first time.

So, props to Raccoon for his reaction speed, work is needed on communication and aim. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and Id like to officially petition to rename Dagger as ‘Lumberjack’, in honour of Anders’ excellent driving.

First dead was because of a plane that was about 2 or 3 clicks out. Check the CNTR. You could have seen it take off but the shot was dead on. No idea why as the first plane shot about 20 rockets and didnt hit a single one.

The big communication was really bad and from what I heard there were a lot of failures between Dagger and Platoon.
Remember if anything is not clear to you then ask again to double check. Also MAV has a way bigger priority of shooting then infantry. Which got Dagger killed in the end. Instead of focussing on the MAV they shot up inf and got shot up instantly but the MAV when it took aim.

Good fun though! Glad you liked it !
Thanks for the compliment on my acting Sallal. It was my bad the guy blew up a few guys. (left control didn’t think of asking for handcuffs first)

I really liked the mission Shiny. It was my… 5th? maybe 6th attempt of squad leading and shit! I think it went pretty well! At least people seem to think the same way :smiley:

Like Sallal said, there was so much chaos after we dismounted, all the planes, choppers, explosions, GAD DAMN! It really felt intense even tho’ when you watch the CNTR it doesn’t look like it :stuck_out_tongue: The mission had very cool shooty bang bang moments.

I think that we did an awesome job. I think the movement was great but ofcourse I was ASL so I’m inclined to say that :stuck_out_tongue: But when Dulabu says he liked the movement… It had to be good movement. We were fast and we used bounding overwatch once so we could put some suppression down and cover each other. Same with crossing open fields with one team suppressing and covering. Radio tower assault went well but… We were there for too long. When I said for the first time to move it was already long time but at this point everyone stopped listening to me. I saw Dulabu trying to get his team to move but that was it. Yellow(A2) said they have contacts so I told them to keep fighting while Blue(A1) starts moving towards the town. Nothing. Still Dulabu trying to get his guys to move. I come back to see what’s the hold up. 2 guys wounded. I told everyone to move besides one guy that was heavily wounded. I wanted everyone to move so I and one other guy can patch him up and catch up with the rest. Didn’t happen… whole squad had to watch this guy getting healed up. FINALLY Blue moved but I was still mad at the rest of the guys and at this point I got shot by lonely soldier that snuck up on us(I think that soldier was unconscious for a while as well. Check CNTR). Came back after we took the town. Turns out we found alive enemy soldier, patched him up to not break Geneva Convention but it turns out we did at the end… Not cool guys. Imagine if you were that ginger russian called Gurevich… WTF is that name even? He must have had hard time in his school years… But back to the topic. There was that moment on the hill where we just scouted the airfield for a while and then I asked PLT what are we doing next and PLT told me that he’s asking HQ… Took a while and during this while we were being engaged by helicopter. At this point Skippy told me to go back to the hill with my guys and find cover and concidering that our position in the forest was known to the enemy(or at least could have, we killed those guys who could have given the information) I thought that it is good idea if we go inside the bunkers. Then I heard zcribe criticising the idea saying that we will be safe but pinned down and he’d rather stay here thus making blue team stay in the forest(red team was part of Alfa at this point but they were Bravo team originally). I have to say I didn’t like that. I didn’t really want to tell you where or how to move as technically you were a different team but I’m disappointed that Blue team stayed there with you… In the end nothing wrong happened but one burst from that heli could’ve easily taken you out. If you have objection just tell me instead of talking to your team and making one of my teams stay there regardless of the orders(from platoon lead actually).
So going further into the history. The airfield assault. I had no idea how to approach it. I drew some lines on the map that felt like the best out of the worst ideas and the breakdown of comms made the assault happen. Oh boi! Yellow team lost someone to explosion I think, Blue team followed their line of movement, no idea what happened to Bravo, I think they also died to the vehicle explosion. Anyways, The approach was hard and enemy helicopter and BMP didn’t help it at all. Somehow we managed to take those 2 fuckas down after quite some time and the assault began for real. Yellow was down to 1 man, Blue got their position which I guess turned out to be good but not good enough to assault along with PLT, ASL, A2 and Dagger(yeah that was 4 people :smiley: ). We started attacking the airfield. Went quite smoothly. The highlight of my assault was firing UGL towards the enemies direction OVER THE WALL without any visual(shot based off of sound) and BAM! 5 people dead just as they went out of the helicopter :smiley: . We took over the airfield, Blue did some good job with killing the guys that weren’t on the airstrip and the rest is the defence task which was… well… fun… Not much to say about, nice shooty bang bang with a little surprise with that "deserter" :stuck_out_tongue: Too bad there were… "technical issues" with him and he blew himself up, killed one of ours and wounded 3 of us(heavily wounded 2).

So that would be it. Fun mission and I had a lot of fun leading a squad. This time it worked pretty well I’d say. Seems like some people think the same way :slight_smile: Comms were MOSTLY great, teams very responsive and effective.

If you guys wanna tell me what I did good or what could have been done better as a squad leader then shoot. I’m not a good one usually but I guess I did good this time. Anything at all, tell me because I really like this role but I need to get better at it. After all listening to one radio, 2nd radio, direct speech of two teams, keeping awareness, fighting AND making decisions and plans at once is quite hard sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S Dulabu will always be the God among FTLs :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you guys had a blast (literally) sorry I couldn’t make it I had a horrible commute and was too late. From the CNTR I loved the cross country attack through the woods. Pretty cool plan there!

I was unfortunately only able to play for the first 1½ hours due to TS problems so I can only comment on that part.

It was a very simple and lovely mission for this first part. A lot of action almost right after leaving base. It felt a little bit wierd for me to have 13 guys and a Cheetah. Just a wierd composition of forces :stuck_out_tongue: I liked Skippy’s initial idea more of everyone being infantry with the low numbers. GM could then just have altered the mission to have less air contacts. But that’s probably just me.

Then it was a bit of a shame that the GM slots were left out forcing GM to take a DMT slot. Luckily it didn’t interfere with our wish for roles but the DMT marker on map confused me quite a bit when I suddenly thought we have friendlies somewhere but it was actually just Zeus standing around.

Other than that it was quite a nice mission. The firefights that the infantry was put into looked really nice. They were simple and straight up giving leaders room to maneuver and use the tacticts they have learned which can also be seen on the CNTR replays.

I think we did really well in Dagger. Good coms. Just a bit of problems with the gun systems and rader but that is only because we never use these vehicles. But great work overall.

Just so you know Jash I’m going to quote these 3 words the rest of my life.

I would say this was one of top missions I played in last 6 weeks. Really liked the jets and helis and was a lot surprised there were so many bunkers, which was good. The airport from the hill look really cool with the assets and a lot of enemies. I was a lot of afraid to die by the BMP and later BTRs driving around. So I was just prone on ground and almost praying not to be spotted while needed to shoot enemies from MG. Later when was blue team Bravo moving on airport over field the smoke screen on the run was very good.

Surprisingly for me I survived all the mission (at least two our guys died like 2 meters from me, probably standing at too risky place. I think if they would be prone/crouch they could maybe stay Ok).

When DAGR got hit by the RPGs (or it was by heli/jet (?)) got it badly by shrapnel and just becouse quick medical attention survived. During the attack on radio tower I did not shoot no bullet at all and was feeling quite a bad with the MG but never saw one enemi during that time.
First kill I had was one of the two guys hiding in half open type bunkers under tower location. But later it was better, shoot about 700 bullets and had 12 guys on the list which surprised me at the end.

This mission was a lot of intesive combat, and had fun a lot :thumb:

Good to hear Mother!
The first time DAGGER got destroyed it was by a jet from about 3 kilometers away. Never even saw it coming!
The second time it was because they focussed on infantry instead of the BMP. BMP oneshot them as they were in the open.

Be sure to sign up for Tuesday! More of this kind of action to come up :smiley:

[quote user_id=“16434735” avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]
I think that we did an awesome job. I think the movement was great but of course I was ASL so I’m inclined to say that :stuck_out_tongue: But when Dulabu says he liked the movement… It had to be good movement.

P.S Dulabu will always be the God among FTLs :P[/quote]

I don’t know since when you fall in love with me (probably the one day we had that very awesome "survive together moment" on Chernarus). And i’m really flattered… nearly red like a tomato!

But boy, there are sooo many good (and better) FTL’s out there we do not talk about often enough. Same goes for Squad Leaders and Platoon Leader… so please give them some love too instead of taking low standards with me :wink:

I loved the mission by the way and a lot of stuff was done right. I think when micromanaging is done individually by FTL’s and SL’s the movement can go very smooth and Platoon can organize the information-flow between teams and overall planning and general view over the situation permits to adapt to major changes, but only if the right information goes from FTL’s to SL’s and up to Platoon…

Anyway … i had a lot of fun and i’m still sorry stressing out my team =) but you guys have been awesome!

I don’t doubt there are better FTLs and SLs but I really like your team leading, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a room you 2 !

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