Coop - White lightning and White smoke

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The first mission was a miss for me. I think this was a prime example why it’s not always good to have a Zeus in missions as it changes the way we approach the mission. (With that not saying that Skippy did anything wrong as Zeus).

First it was clear from the get go that we would not enter the redzone under no circumstances. This was a problem for the mission as it tried to push us in that direction. I believe that if there had not been a Zeus on this mission there would have been a way better chance that Dusty had pushed us through the redzone. I’ll try my best to explain this.

When you play a mission without a Zeus the playing field is set from the start of the op. The risks of specific tactical choices are already there and present. When you’re playing with a Zeus the risks can change. This means that if we had not had Zeus in this op the risk of going through the redzone would be facing enemy AI. Maybe in big numbers though still a fair game. It would be up to the players if we’d survive and no one else would have a say.

If we had gone through it when there was a Zeus there’s an even bigger risk. You don’t know what the Zeus thinks of this tactical choice and if or how he decides to punish it. Now if you punish what you think is bad tactical moves deliberately you’re a bad Zeus (in my opinion) and I don’t believe Skippy would do that, but the chance of him doing so I believe is enough to scare whoever might be leading the mission to not make that choice. Mainly because even if the Zeus made the decision to kill us all it would still fall on the leader of the mission for a "bad tactical choice".

The intent of the mission was for us to go through the redzone, but from the leaders viewpoint it might aswell have been the opposite. The fact that we didn’t go through the redzone made the mission fall short in my opinion, but I can not blame no party for this happening. Everyone did the "right" thing so to say.

The second mission was fun, but I felt like we took it way to quickly. We stormed in and lost pretty much everyone within the first minutes. It felt a little bit too much like everyone wanted a piece of the cake instead of us taking it slow and gathering some awareness about this situation.