Coop - Wet Feet, Cold Air

Post C&C here.

For those who dc’d, sorry about the carrier, that was something I thought looked cool I wanted to try.

Ah yes the clusterfuck. I think the plans were good, AI was just having a good time I guess

I knew this was going to happen the minute I saw the name on the calendar.

I thought it was pretty good.
One thing that we keep doing that we really need to learn or change.
Objectives can be mismarked on the map. In this case of tonight, the ship was way bigger then the marker on the map. I think a halt marker 200 meters away or more when we could see it and possible shoot at it and take out the first contacts clearing a landing. It happened in the last couple of missions and I really think we need to keep some distance on bigger objectives or where it’s not exactly clear where objects or buildings might be.

Other then that I really enjoyed it and mortars was very effective even on less then 200m distance shots from time to time.