Coop: War On Malden

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I want to see more Mech DGR antics, you guys seemed to have fun

After not playing for about 8 months (with one little mission in between) i really had fun and a hard time getting back into the
clunkiness of Arma 3 controls!

The mission was cool.
You put a lot of effort into it [user avatar=“” name=“Dusty”]10898144[/user]. A shitload of little details that i would instantly delete just to get some more frames :cool: I really enjoyed the mission anyway.
A very cool idea to make bunkers out of buildings so we don’t have to clear the whole town with a very small sized army! Top!

Next time i would wish for some full auto on my gun for the CQB,

Keep up the good work

PS: Sorry for leaving early but my head was not ready for 3 hours Arma