Coop - Waking the Giant

Any questions before Tuesday can be answered here. This may be important, as the mission is a one life mission and will need everybody to be switched on to their fullest.

Some notes:

  • Each fireteam has an explosives specialist that carries 3 satchel charges instead of a LAT. The USAF security personnel has nothing more heavily armoured than a Humvee on Wake Island.
  • PLT also has 1x explosives specialist in place of PLT rifleman
  • Every gun is equipped with ERCO sights, giving you superior range. This is countered by American ACOGs, so don’t feel too special.
  • Most USAF security personnel does not carry nightvision, only the QRF does. The QRF will most likely originate from the Barracks or the main compound (marked as main objective).
  • The intel you require can be found on a researcher’s laptop, or you can just capture the researcher himself, though he will likely be hiding.
  • Stealth is only useful in the beginning, once they know you’re there, ditch the suppressors and let them have it.

[spoiler=OPORD]Map: Wake Island
Time: 2300 hours
Weather: Clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Baegel”]2509934[/user]


I Situation:

The American pigs have long stood against Chinese reunification. They sit, fattened by victory from over 80 years ago, believing the world is theirs. They do not hunger like us. Today, all that will change. The middle kingdom has stocked its resources, rearmed, the people are ready. We will strike them on New Years’ Eve, when their bellies are full and their thoughts are at home, ensuring swift victory. Our mandate of Heaven has begun.

Friendly Forces:

[indent][list][] Oriental Sword (Chinese Special Forces)
] PLT, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie are available.[/list][/indent]


[*] 1x UCAV Sentinel Drone

Enemy Forces:

[] US Airforce Security Personnel
] The security forces of Wake Island are fat and lazy, and number to about 100 soldiers.


[*] Some contractors for construction and civilian duties

II Mission:

Infiltrate Wake Island along three different arcs, each assigned to a team. Each team has their primary objective, before converging on the main facility.

Alpha Objective:
Rig the power plant and capture the pier near Kuku Point.

Bravo Objective:
Rig the radar and capture the barracks near Heel Point.

Charlie Objective:
Rig the radar near Peacock Point and the radar near the Old Terminal.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[] Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie are to perform a HALO drop into the waters around Wake Island and begin their infiltration.
] All three teams are to place their explosives on the designated targets, remaining stealthy as they do.
[] The entire island is in a festive mood, as long as you take each facility quickly the rest should not be alerted to your presence.
] If the risk is too great, do not reveal yourselves unless necessary. Worry about the explosives first.
[] Once all explosives are placed, all three teams are to converge on the main facility.
] Alpha team will give the go ahead to trigger explosives.
[] Once explosives are triggered, storm the main facility and gather any intel you can.
] Once the island is yours, Exfil will happen the next morning.


Movement Plan

[*] Movement up to PLT.

Fire Support

[*] None.[/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Resupply will be dropped with you on your jump.[/list][/indent]


[*] This is a one life mission, there will be no reinsertions.[/list][/indent]

General Area of Operations:

Alpha AO:

Bravo AO:

Charlie AO:

Main Objective AO:


Update: Alpha and Charlie have swapped DZs after feedback

Looks like there ain’t much choice of elements so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Here it goes, assuming this mission will require a lot of precision and quite strong discipline (which I’m not worried about since Chinese should be used to it), do make sure you go through the points below if you plan on being SL. I’ll read them anyway in mission but make yourself familiar with 'em.

I. Each squad will prioritize radars and power plants for THEN moving to secondary objectives within their area. With primary objectives being RED/BLUE/GREEN 1 and secondary objectives being RED/BLUE/GREEN 2
II. Keep stealth condition until immediate proximity of primary objective. If you take contact before that you are clear to engage but do it real quick to avoid alerting the whole island. Once the primary objectives are completed, clear the areas you’re passing by reaching for your FINAL HOLD marker
III. Each squad will wait for all others to be ready to start moving to the primary objective, thus you must avoid engagements and being spot at all cost before receiving green light from PLT Command
IV. Once the charges are put on the objectives we will wait until each squad is at their HOLD FINAL marker to light the good stuff up
V. If mission is compromised laser guided CAS will be called in to destroy primary objectives, whether or not friendlies are around (you are Chinese and thus you ain’t really valuable)
VI. Once assaulting the final objective each squad is to clear and search buildings in their designated area, keeping in mind blue on blue is bad and you will get rewarded negative points for your annual bonus
VII. Each SL has access to the drone terminal and is free to designate targets for laser guided CAS with previous acknowledgement from PLT Command
VIII. Drone terminal can be accessed only by one person at a time, so procedure to use it is to ask over long range permission to use it and only AFTER receiving the go from PLT and other SLs you are free to use it. Also, if you get in an engagement get out of the terminal


  1. Make it to the beach at A BEACH HEAD and reach A HOLD 1 then wait for green light to move in
  2. Reach obj RED 1 and plant the charges
  3. Reach obj RED 2 and plant the charges
  4. Move on A HOLD FINAL and wait for green light to take your sector of the main complex


  1. You’re gonna have a long night of walking, make sure you avoid contacts until you get to B HOLD 1 marker
  2. Once receiving green light, cross the bridge and head straight South towards the radar
  3. Once the charges are placed, clear the barracks straight North from the radar
  4. Move to B HOLD FINAL through designated WPs

Charlie / PLT

  1. Once stepping on land at C BEACH HEAD stick to the sea side and get to your HOLD 1 marker
  2. At green light breach keep the sea side and breach the power plant facility as close as possible from the objective GREEN 1
  3. Head for the short strait crossing just South East of the power plant, cross and take the pier just North of it. Avoid taking the road to the North of the pier as it’s too exposed
  4. Make your way to C HOLD FINAL through your designated waypoints. Avoid the open grounds of the runway and stay in the trees, and while you’re there take a look at the junkyards around WP2

Alpha order of movement

Bravo order of movement

Charlie order of movement

Designated sectors for final objective

Good plan, be advised that blowing the power plant transformers will give you 10 minutes leeway before backup batteries have the power come back online.

If one element is caught in the open, you can cut the power to give you 10 minutes of breathing space and use that time to blow the radars before they can get a signal out to the mainland.