Coop - Waking the Giant

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Hey MMT, please don’t abuse CfgSounds for music. I know you want it to be heard, but bypassing per-player music setting is kinda like that annoying friend forwarding you a "send this to 10 people" email AND intentionally modifying the subject to get through your spam filter. It’s just rude and disrespectful. Thanks.

(There goes my obligatory rant.)

Aside from that, the mission was admittedly pretty cool.

Really good stuff Baegel. It’s a shame I was playing with my recording settings and the video that came out is worthless because there were very exciting moments.

Big thumbs up: the setting was cool and the immersion in the environment for the first part was outstanding, having 3 infantry squads to spread the workload on, and finally a bit of variety in HQ callsign really loved that!

Thanks for the mission!

Was good. Thought everyone did very well all op long, nothing to complain about. We didn’t really use a formation at any point, but it didn’t feel like it was really required because of the nature of the op, so no issues there.

I really like heavy combat ops, but these ops where it is more snek less bang are also very fun since they require you to rethink the way you act a lot more. Also MAOR one life mission ops pls, thanks.