Coop - Wake up call

Hey guys please leave your feedback for the mission and share any stories you may have from it.

Once its done with its Youtube processing its viewable.


Really nice change of pace ! The overall thing was very well designed and it was clear that you put a lot of work into this, which is really cool. The ambiance was very immersive, and that was my favourite thing in the mission: the prfound darkness, weird noises, unindentified chatter on the radio, maintaining a 360 around the convey with torches, expecting something but what ? The zombies were expected of course but it felt amazing to shoot zombies in Arma, although I prefered the ambiance than the shooting. Great job Dachi !

Xander you are crazy.

Awesome mission Dachi, it was really well put together. I couldn’t handle doing this every week, but every haloween would be good.

I hope you have a good winter themed christmas/new year event planned!!!

We better have loads of videos from this one.

From zeus point of view :slight_smile:


[quote user_id=“12591864” avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]From zeus point of view :slight_smile:


@ 18:08 For fucks sake Vic 4

Great operation!

It was obvious that we’ll face zombies since the addon update was called @ryanzombies but It was nice change of pace :slight_smile: The whole setting was very nice and it was noticable that there was some work put into it. Great ambient. I didn’t expect music to set you in soo nice mood for the mission. Combine this with my almost-movie-like experience and it’s 11/10. Xander acting was good and hilarious :slight_smile: I loved how we could barely hear him on radio screaming for help. And in the end when we were waiting for helicopter to save us… well… first one crashed :smiley: I thought it was meant to be like that and we had to find a way out from this roof :stuck_out_tongue: . Alpha 1 didn’t get to shoot as many zombies as other squads but there was a build up there and when shit started… It was hot. Good job :slight_smile:

What I didn’t like was that we were fucking horrible… we started off with a fail grenade in the freaking spawn, then vic 4 fucking destroyed a goat on the road(Price the detective found you!), then when we saw that lone truck 4 guys just… went there not telling anything to anybody, then communication went ape shit… Answers were not answered but when asked if anyone can hear us we would get a reply that every copies, convoy gone crazy. Vic 1st waiting for orders to start and then 3 vehicles are passing us and suddenly we’re Vic 4 or something. They say it was immersive when comms became shit… NO! This convoy shit was unbelievable… I’ve never seen it this bad. Sure on the ground where we are split and dealing with something new it was immersive and… I’d say fun but the convoy got me tilted.

But since convoy had nothing to do I had a lot of fun. Here’s a teaser, one may say:
[youtube]Few survivors - YouTube

And here’s the full version of the mission: ArmA 3 Halloween Special "Wake Up Call" - YouTube

A small hint as I’ve seen this in multiple of your videos, some of which feature friendly fire - never aim/shoot when you have another friendly soldier in ~90deg cone of fire, move up to their level first. If it’s impossible (narrow cave path), please be super duper extremely careful even to the point of not shooting despite targets present or tell the other guys that you’re shooting over their heads (similarly to a corner stack).
This avoids most of the FF you previously attributed to "the other guy" running into your bullets.


Good mission, thanks. The setting was great, enemies chosen well, object placement and scripting worked great. Unfortunately the problem was IMHO too many irregularly-attending people, resulting in less-than-usual coordination and this, coupled with the atmosphere, created a clusterfuck which was really hard to manage even despite us having a platoon element.
Now, this would be perfectly fine - it fit the atmosphere, it was a "goofy" mission a bit, people were either RPing or were genuinely scared, but it somehow didn’t "click" for me as, instead of being a contrast to our regular ops, it just emphasized the aspects I strongly dislike on them. Maybe it was because people were actually trying and failing.

The nearly-tipping point for me was the stadium where basically everybody fell through the floor, having scrapes all over the body - scrapes are nearly impossible to bandage (so we wasted nearly all bandages and it took a long time) and a lot of people were constantly shouting for a medic, meaning my patients couldn’t hear/understand me over the noise, etc., at which point my migrane was at peak levels as my brain was trying to filter out the annoying noise from the actually useful stuff.
The point is that we had real f-ing organization issues and were only barely holding together, even without Xander trying to add artificial chaos to it - I was this -><- close to shooting him in the head for some brief IRL relief. It wasn’t immersive, it wasn’t funny, it was just insanity-inducing. Not ingame, but IRL.

In the end, I went back for Zjosua, bandaged his legs with whatever I had and we started running back to Ozzie. He was 10-20m ahead of me, which made the difference and he survived, I got swarmed by zombies. At least they didn’t take me alive, I saved my last grenade and held it proudly in the air, primed. It was such a relief, as if I had done that IRL, though the migrane didn’t stop and I didn’t have any energy or will to live, so I left.

Maybe it was just me, maybe I don’t necessarily enjoy missions with constant action or the need to be constantly vigilant (this gives me the headaches - 2 hours straight without a minute of rest, etc.), maybe I just need a break. See you after my LoA and thanks again for the mission setting, it was a nice idea.

I try to do that but it was different situation here and the situation you’ve seen… well… I had no idea idea he was there until he dropped on the ground. In bright day this would have happened.

About the 90 degree you’re right. I forget about it but I try to avoid it. Too many times someone ran in front of my barrel without even saying anything.

The mission was really well done also the Zeus work seemed good (skimmed the Dachis video). Good thing that Xander was chosen since acting was immersive. My main issue with the mission was the people RP-ing and goofing off. We are not here to play pub Arma. I do not know if the extreme close combat and the dark geniunly scared people or if it was mostly RP. One can still have horror with good tactics and co-ordination. I was looking forward to a reasonable response to supernatural situation. Due to various reasons there was mostly just alot of screaming and herd mentality tactics wise.
Formations and certain tactics have inherent benefits to them. They are not solely dependant on the enemy being another infantry unit. Irregular situations do put extra pressure on people not used to command so it is understandable.

I also would like to see long-time members brushing up on old skills. Maybe re-do the BQF every 3-6 months (including staff)? There were alot of irregular members who misunderstood some formations and were just not used to the gameplay level that some of the past experiences have reflected. Maintainig membership levels vs. skilled regulars, question.

Some hopefully constructive criticism for the mission maker:

  • Better seperation of vehicles to avoid the usual "Which vehicle I go in?" BS.
  • Not marking map markers as objectives where people don’t need to do anything (We dismounted and did 360). Just timing and flow.
  • More punishment for flat out stupid behaviour (Issue I have been battling with aswell)
  • More testing for the evac methods so they actually work when neccesary.
  • Performance issues at the end of the mission killed some of the climax
  • During night mission replace colored smoke with chem lights.

Overall i had some fun but it was not the experience I expected. I wholeheartedly praise the effort that went into creation of the mission, still we the players were the ones that somewhat let down the experience. We could’ve done much more justice to this amazing mission.

I second Freghar and zcribe. Mission was nice, something special for the holidays. But come on guys, the frustration I had with the tactical performance… If SL asks you to do something you at least try to do it instead of goofing around. Nice to hear I was not the only one ready to jump down from my seventh story balcony IRL.

I think thats a little unfair. squad and platoon level leadership in my oppinion was extremely lax this mission. Maybe it wasn’t entirely their fault and there may have been other issues. If you step up as leader you need to know your responsibilities and go the extra mile with coms so that collective situational awareness is accurate and well-established. Our alpha leader seemingly failed to pass the information about the survivor onto platoon and stress the urgency of the transmission, and if he did, platoon took no executive action to resolve the situation, or bravo simply failed to act or take initiative.

It was a mix of Roleplay and Frustration that caused my fireteam to double back and try and save the guy because everyone was sitting around with their thumbs in their asses. We were convinced if we didn’t he would surely die.

I was going to tell the survivor to switch to channel two and yell at bravo, but our fireteam lead decided it was time to go to the rescue.

I felt really bad for Freghar, being a medic when people started glitching through the floor at the back of the stands, There was fair warning but people kept dorking around up there and everyone started yelling. I myself had injuries to my chest and arms, but I just didn’t mention it because he had his hands full and I could walk it off…

The carnage was fun though. Seeing someone carrying and injured screaming soldier before getting mauled by zombos and me having to chuck a grenade at them to ease their passing and kill the feasting vampires was hilarious.

Could you elaborate unfair? I played rifleman. My points were more directed towards Bravo’s performance further on, I do not know what happened with the survivor and Alpha (other that what has been discussed afterwards). During the mission I remember wondering what Alpha 1’s purpose was there though.

My frustration was also tied to our recent flow during ops and not only this one. This operation unfortunately showed the same symptoms and promoted things I strongly dislike.

[quote user_id=“12877878” avatar=“” name=“Cob”]Could you elaborate unfair? I played rifleman. My points were more directed towards Bravo’s performance further on, I do not know what happened with the survivor and Alpha (other that what has been discussed afterwards). During the mission I remember wondering what Alpha 1’s purpose was there though.

My frustration was also tied to our recent flow during ops and not only this one. This operation unfortunately showed the same symptoms and promoted things I strongly dislike.[/quote]

By unfair I mean, we weren’t doing what the squad-lead was telling us because they were not telling us anything.

Tropical friendly firing me yet again in that mini video. :c Why do you always shoot me, Tropical?

I think a lot of comms issues came from the fact that orders were given over Platoon net but not relayed to squad net, so you had a lot of people unsure of what we were currently doing. This mostly rests on Alpha/Bravo leaders to communicate to their FTL’s properly.

I’m sorry Skippy, I was trigger happy on the zombies and when you were reloading I didn’t see your flashlight at first and then the information from brain to hand had not enough of time :frowning: But karma kinda got to me when I got shot there(when I loose ability to run and scream "FRIENDLY!" over the radio.)

But why do you mean with me shooting you all the time? Last time I shot you was on that operation when we had to catch mendoza or however he was called. That was months ago… Between those missions I only shot someone on Danger Valley when someone decided to run in front of my barrel in 1.5m wide corridor…

Didn’t you shoot dachi on danger valley too? :slight_smile: