Coop - Until Dawn

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  • At point was a bit empty - no enemies.
  • Not my 1st. night mission, so i was cool with it =).
  • To much talking at some point. If Zeus was a bad guy, we would be swarmed by enemies. Because enemies could hear us.


First image is my view on the larger part of the mission.
Second image is my view in the remaining parts of the mission.
Third image is me achieving my ultimate form by merging with a turret.

I loved this mission. It was very very tense (When it finally began :P) and I really felt the stress from not knowing where the enemy was going to come next.

The light show from dagger was beautiful but I feel like the enemy had a hard time actually getting to our infantry as Dagger seemed to kill them very quickly. I would have liked if Dagger had gotten pushed of that hill by the enemy early in the mission.

Visibility was a bit bad at the end but to me that was just a part of the mission.

Also on a different note I think role assignments took a little bit too long. When you have picked platoon lead you basically have power over who goes where (within reasons) so if people don’t move by themselves don’t be afraid to tell a specific person to go to a specific role - and if that still doesn’t work ask Admin to move them.

If you pick platoon, plan ahead what kind of teams you’d like and tell people after you have platoon. If someone is slow at picking or picks outside of the standard Alpha and Bravo they should expect that there’s a good chance they will be moved elsewhere.

Stuka tried. Dagger dealt with threats quickly and effectively every time. But he did adapt his tactics and bring enemy over the ridgeline, keeping them in defilade from Dagger until the last moments. By the time we could engage them, they were <200m of Bravo/Alpha

Yeah I tried to push Dagger away several times but was never able to. They had very good situational awareness.
Overall, I had a tough time managing the AI. They were sometimes completely unresponsive & I had to delete units & replace them (even if they hadn’t come into contact), when giving them waypoints they would not follow the most direct route & wonder completely off course. Squads would break apart with a group of soldiers just leaving the formation & going on their merry way. It was extremely frustrating & I spent a lot of time replacing units our moving them by remote control or teleportation to make sure they reached their destination. Vehicles were especially dreadful in that regard.