Coop: Typhoon-443

Please leave feedback, comments, criticisms, and footage about the mission here.

Lot of fun. Ruha has slightly worse FPS than most maps but it works quite well all the same.

Wasn’t happy with the amount of blue-on-blue tonight.

And an extra. Guys. Stop talking over each other in debrief. It’s not an open conversation. Be quiet when other’s are talking. Don’t fuck around and don’t throw smokes or shoot at the end of it.

Some images. The rest of them can be seen on the Discord server under #event-footage

Very good and very fun missions with a good background story and no mortars on players. Not much more you can look for in an op! Thank you, Arba :slight_smile:

Bravo performed very well. Only at the very end, we there was some slow down because the FTL and the medic went down. Otherwise, everyone from Bravo did an amazing job. Listened to orders and executed that quickly. Called out targets and took care of them.

Good fun all around!

Awesome mission i really enjoyed it, didnt had a lot of work as a medic in bravo. Threat-ing that i will shot someone just to patch him up, at the end got shot twice, KARMA :smiley:
I wanna thank the guys who got me up, seen the light at the end of the tunnel few times…
Anyway keep up the good work Arba :slight_smile: