Coop - Turning The Heat to 1

Leave your feedback on the mission and on LAMBS!

Thanks shiny, completely slipped my mind

I liked the mission overall, nice setting & equipment that felt refreshing. The map is pretty nice too: it looks flat when reading it but the small defilades & crests provide good opportunities for manoeuvering.
The only unfair bit, I thought, was the engagement against the QRF that felt like fighting waves after waves of enemies eventually getting the better of us even though we had a decent, if somewhat diminished, base of fire with Alpha & MMG as well as a good flank from Bravo acheiving superiority early on.
We also seem to never be able to start fights on our own terms & get shot at before every element is ready.

Regarding the AI, I enjoyed the experience. The assault on MMG team at the beginning showed how agressive they can be & don’t hesitate to overrun a position. They also reacted well once Alpha got into the fight thus turning to the more imminent threat. They forced us to be more agressive with our fire and execution speed which we did very well on the last objective.
Not seeing the AI cower in the grass after being shot at a couple times & making us actually use fire & manoeuver is a great improvement.