Coop - Training (HAT and DMT)

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I hope you liked this mixed format. I had fun!

Fist of all thank you guys for the trainings session. It was a good starter for me to get back into Arma3.

Overall you guys seemed prepared and there was a nice mixture of theorie and praxis… and we all know: Shooting stuff has the best learning effect! HAT training was very clear and easy, map tools the same. I had a hard time with DMTs crosswind section, but that’s on me. I liked the little mission in the end. Keep it up.

I do do absolutely enjoy this kind of training more than sitting on chairs. By experience I am convinced that hands on trainings are the best form of training we can have. So good job on that.

A quick negative point for me: keep specialised elements training for, well, specialised elements training instead of fireteam qualifications or generic fireteam trainings. There are so many basic skills we could work on and yesterday’s approach was great, I think adopting such approach for basic infantry drills would be way more beneficial than learning how to use a sniper rifle (that’s a personal take on DMT but that’s not the point).

In my opinion we severely lack training on bounding, sticking to your buddy, Fix Flank and Finish tactics, rates of fire, peeling and a few more from the TTP3. Though I must say good job on refreshing the usage of map tools and markers, that can have a significant impact over our missions.

A second note: when there are 2 trainers maybe it would be a good idea to have 2 small groups each assigned to a trainer, then in rotation try out the different "hands on" drills planned for the night. Fewer people means more engagement and lower probability of chaos (i.e. people backblasting each other by mistake etc).

Thanks for hosting the training!

I agree with Henrik that HAT & DMT training aren’t really suitable to a fireteam training. However, they are the only two infantry elements I’ve never played in an op, and the reason is that I didn’t know how they exactly worked. So now having had an intro to both was really nice.

Maybe an idea for training team can be to organise a "special element training" in the future, where people can just show up and get information on whatever special element they want. I know in theory a lot of us trainers would always help someone if they asked "can you explain how X works to me on the server?", but reality shows people don’t really ask (a few helo/fixed wing trainings being the exception last year).

Hey thanks for the feedback. We actually were planning to have 2 groups but the total group was so small in the end that we decided against it. When we started we just had alpha full. Later on we have 3 extra I believe.

And yeah HAT and DMT are specialized but unfortunately we have no specialized training on them yet (or ever?). And as a change a pace and because of all the questions me and others have gotten during the last missions when we did play them, we felt it would be a good to include this. Next time will be more standard again :slight_smile:

I think it’s good to give people a little taste of specialized elements, some might not know what they’re about and not pick the slots because of it. And now they have some basic knowledge to start with.

Agree with Hateboarder, it’s also good for commanders to have a good idea of what their elements are capable of.
Again, sorry for ditching out, but without my mic it was pretty annoying.