COOP: The Three Distracted Officers

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Map: Livonia
Time: 18:30
Weather: Clear to Cloudy with a chance of rain
Host: @Karl
DLC Required: Contact

The Separatists of Livonia have to be crushed. After the civil war started, their surprise offensive managed to allow them to gain all the land south of the Biela River, and with it, a stalemate in the fighting. They have used this to get set up in their captured territory and reinforce their military infrastructure.
Thanks to the hard work of our intelligence community, we are ready for a new offensive. This time we shall strike for the head…


I Situation

After careful intelligence gathering, we have confirmed that the leaders of the separatist are meeting in one of their strongholds deep in their territory. As we are lacking a clear advantage in this war, we shall make one by eliminating their leadership and using the ensuing chaos to win back our homeland. To ensure the success of this operation, we have tasked our elite Livonian Rangers to finish the job.

Friendly Forces

  • Livonian Rangers, Livonian Defence Forces.
  • The Livonian Air Force can provide transport via helicopters and the Livonian Defence Forces can also send in troops to secure any targets should it be required.


  • 3x Offroad - 5 seats: 1x driver, 5x passenger - no callsign
  • 1x Offroad (M2) - 3 seats: 1x driver, 1x passenger, 1x gunner - no callsign
  • 1x Offroad (SPG-9) - 3 seats: 1x driver, 1x passenger, 1x gunner - no callsign
  • 1x Mi-8 (Rockets) - 18 seats: 2x pilot, 3x door gunner, 13x passenger - callsign “Nightbird”
  • 1x CH-146 Griffin (Gunship) - 12 seats: 2x pilot, 2x door gunner, 1x FLIR operator, 7x passenger - callsign “Nightbird”
  • 1x M1 IFV Rosomak - 4 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 1x commander, 8x passenger - callsign “Dagger”
  • Misc. reinforcement vehicles for reinsertion.

Enemy Forces

  • Mix of basic trained militia with AKs and low armour and highly trained special forces. Special Forces also have armour, while regular infantry seems to stick to trucks and cars. They have an small capture air force, but seem to keep it mostly grounded with the exception of occasional transport helicopters.


  • Civilians can be present in area. Towns bordering the river front line are mostly empty however.
  • Their opinions of us vary, especially closer to the hostile territories.

II Mission

The Livonian Rangers have been tasked with causing a diversion via a false attack on one of three targets, in order to attract away the QRF from near our main actual target, which is the hostile Artillery & Radar base which houses captured SCUD missiles. We plan to use these to launch strikes against the hostile Field HQ where we believe their leaders to be meeting. We then can quickly assault the HQ, and confirm the elimination of the leaders and begin our full assault.

III Execution

Commander’s Intent

  • The Rangers will have access to multiple types of vehicles and a free selection of targets for the false attack, allowing them to plan it as they deem best. After first attack, the movement should be rapid, as not to give the hostile leaders time to evacuate themselves.
  • First one of three targets should be hit for a diversion attack. After confirmation from our intelligence community of alert status and activation of the QRF, we are to pull out and move on to the real target ASAP. That should be captured as fast as possible. After capture and launch of the missiles, rapid movement to the hostile HQ should ensue.
  • Once the death of the hostile leaders is confirmed, the Livonian Defence Force will launch their full offensive, marking the operation finished for the rangers.

Movement Plan

  • The rangers are free to pick between their sneaky offroad vehicles, armored but slower IFV, or speedy but loud helicopters.
  • The Air Force will be able to provide their helicopters but they might not be as readily available compared to a dedicated Rangers pilot.
  • Old training towns might contain UXO, and the enemy does have access to AA guns and possibly MANPADS with the special forces units.

Fire Support

  • Air Force can send in their armed helicopters, but as they do not want to lose any assets, they might pull out in case of any AA threats.

Optional Tasks

  • Should the hostile leaders survive the initial attack, their capture alive is preferred for court proceedings after a successful offensive.

IV Administration / Logistics

  • Preferably any surrendered hostiles should be locked up for LDF units to secure them, but as this is vital mission, this is not mandatory and the Rangers are not expected to spare hostile combatants.


  • Ammo resupply trucks available at base for reinforcements to bring them in. Some hostile locations are also likely to have capturable ammo.
  • The Air Force can provide Medevac.


  • Reinsertions will be on the hour every hour and be adhered to strictly, no deviation is allowed.
  • Reinsertions are the same for all, including vehicles teams.
  • Platoon Commander has a one time reinsertion wild card at his disposal, call this in through HQ.
  • At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in the smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements.
  • At predesignated times, an air transport can be sent out to pick up reinforcements from the base.
  • At predesignated times, an armed escort vehicle can be sent out to escort reinforcements from the base.
  • Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.


Stats: Grafana

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