Coop - The Terror of the Void

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I thought it was a great op. I really liked the mission itself, and also how PLT, Alpha and FTL’s went about tackling it. I think we struck a great balance between executing the spirit of the mission (ie, not dismounting the moment we hit the bridge and walking all the way to the end, but actually using the convoy) and being cautious in the valley. We only really ran into an ambush once, but I’m happy we did cuz it was an amazing setup by [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] , as can be seen in this vid:


This does bring me to the one problem I had, which was the usage of channel 5 as convoy net. It caused a lot of problems for Alpha during this ambush. During the whole part we basically had several people on channel 5 (me, teddy, beehive, mattdogs) while the rest was still on channel 1. Obviously when you get hit in an ambush, first instinct is not to change your radio settings. I really think if Alpha is part of the convoy (with drivers, gunners and/or navigators) convoy net should be on channel 1, and other elements (PLT, DGR in this case) can just all come into channel 1 for the convoy part. If the convoy stops or continues without Alpha, these elements can return to their own nets, with a much smaller chance to forget to switch (they will have Alpha shouting in their ears to remind them). Worst case, there will be a lot of clutter on short range 1 during a similar ambush where everyone is on the same net, but this would still be better than splitting several elements internally over several nets during an ambush.