Coop - The Safest Thing A Man Can Do (Mission 1 & 2)

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Very nice pack of missions. I would appreciate if there were more 1 life missions. It really made me think before I peeked something here and there. Actually that gave me hilarious rather than catastrophical moment. I was sitting behind a rock, completely exposed to one side but it was supposed to be cleared at that point. Instead of just going around the rock I decided to lean and BAM! full squad in line just watching my way and they open fire. Instant heart attack, they keep firing, just the sound of bullets makes me uncomfortable so I go the other way and… The side I was exposed to is now being swarmed by enemies! I had full squad shooting at my rock at 1 side and about a fire team worth of people on my other side. I turned on my aimbot and prayed for the bullets to hit. One enemy went prone so I couldn’t tell if he died or not and I just screamed "please dieeee!" while emptying my magazine. Hilarious moment.

I really liked the paradrop. Tho’… The places we dropped on were EXTREMELY questionable from any tactical standpoint. It was just fun to run under fire but… Not gonna lie that was awfully bad planning. I don’t know how was Bravo’s landing on the 2nd mission but whole Alpha was put into serious danger the moment we opened chutes and we actually lost one around the touchdown. It wasn’t the hardest mission from Alpha’s point of view but it wasn’t the easiest and there were casualties so I’d imagine that overall difficulty was nice. Enemies weren’t THAT stupid, they were effective enough when they had to be and let’s just leave it there :smiley: I really liked both missions but mission 1 was so smooth and fast that I will finish by just saying that I liked it.

-Plan the paradrops better. Those two drops were literally the worst places we could land at. Mission 1: exposed AS FUCK! if the enemy reacted properly then we’d be all dead. Mission 2: Actually the worst plan. We just dropped in front of their barrels…
-The order of paradropping… On training you give us individual numbers, on missions 1 you give us numbers 1-10 for each squad, on mission 2 you gave us some ridiculous numbers that I really didn’t understand. I hope I didn’t understand because if I did that was actually dumb and just made it more possible for people to crash mid-air. 1-20 or whatever works just fine. If we line up in order Alpha-Bravo-MMG-whatever we will go in perfect order anyway. 1-10 for every squad is fine as well but a tad unnecessary.
-It’s cool that we got to jump a bit. Because there were 3 or 4 missions planned(and we did only 2) we could repeat the jump thus maybe some people learnt something. Great. The question is were we too slow? Because I think maybe it could have been done faster but not by much.
-Don’t spend 30(yes, 30) minutes on planning. Sorry but if 2nd mission’s plan took you 30 minutes… you wasted 25 minutes of gameplay. I don’t want to be rude, really and sorry if I am but that was rather simple plan and… as far as the plan on the ground was nice, the paradrop position, as I said, questionable.
-If we do those short scenarios I’d rather see quick debriefs between every scenario and one big debrief at the end for educational reasons :slight_smile: .

P.S. I only saw 2 missions where we used chutes the right way. Mostly we just drop in ridiculously stupid places and the enemies don’t seem to react for some reason as well…

Il start saying that I enjoyed both of the missions in two different ways. The first one went quite smoothly and the second one was a nightmare for Bravo which I was leading. We were constantly under fire from at least two directions and we suffered half a squad of casualties. By the way, if you have any comments or suggestions about my squad leadership please tell me since I’m very inexperienced as SL.
On the paradrops, I liked them! If we do more static paradrops instead of using steerable parachutes we have one less way to fuck it up and spread around too much as it sometimes happen. Maybe it’s just me but when sit in the plane waiting for PLT to call out numbers I was nervous and that’s what I call inversion.

[justify]Two great missions, thank you Anders for making them! Also thanks to Churizo for the nice refresher/training for HALO jumping. Without the training some people, including me, would probably ended with some broken bones because they didn’t know that you also need to break with a non-steerable parachute. I didn’t quite get though why we chose to use a different method of calling out the people numbers in the first mission.

The first mission went butter smooth. Ryujin and I died a bit unfortunate, but hey that happens. The rest of the platoon performed almost perfect. This mission also showed that it is not a great idea putting up an FOB in a low ground surrounded by hills that provide cover for the attackers. One minor thing was the parachute inserting which left the last half of Bravo jumping into a forest; either jumping earlier or taking a different route would be better for next time.

The 2nd mission was much more tense, at least for Bravo. Being under fire the second you leave the plane is a great but also scary feeling and makes a fantastic start into a mission. Bravo was tasked with taking most of the city and performed very well in that task. We took some casualties on the approach to the city, inside the city thanks to our very active medic Freghar barely any! From a platoon strategy point of view Alpha was in a great overwatch position, however they were in no position to actively support Bravos approach/attack. They were able to take down shooters in the houses facing them but not us. So, this was little help for us. Attack from the same angle would have been preferable here.

Two things Tropical talked about and where I think he is right:
A short debrief should happen after each of these one-hour ops. This not only helps to remember everything you wanted to talk about but also stops us from making similar mistakes in the next mission. I actually really like this approach, it is like a mini training then.
The planning time were in both missions way too long for a resulting fairly simple plan. Planning 20 minutes for an attack on a single objective is a bit too much. Especially considering that most plans do not survive first contact. 10 minutes would have been enough here, in my opinion.

P.S.: Did anyone take pictures from this mission? PR Team would appreciate it a lot!


Clicked to late (yes, im old fart) and landed near Clark. 2nd. Mission tried to be fast, landed in sniper cross fire, but survived.


My Scope was not good for such mission.
Planing in 2nd. mission was far to long.

Super positive:

2nd. Mission with Lastmikoi as Squad Leader, was super positive. He was laid back, relaxed. Made jokes. Was rly rly positive joy to play! Clark also uplifted the atmosphere with hes rush, which is good.

Good mission from my PoV, but can anybody explain to me how do I land these things safely?