Coop - The Safest Thing A Man Can Do (Misions 3 and 4)

Please leave any kind of feedback about the missions here

Nobody? Okay.

Thank you [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] for this series of missions, I liked them a lot! The idea of having one life missions can be great if the missions are balanced. Also thanks [user avatar=“” name=“Skippy”]14911388[/user] for making [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] feel like a real world pilot.

I think we performed well overall, of course there’s always room for improvement but considering we had “fresh” leaders (myself included as Alpha SL, and anyway good job [user avatar=“” name=“Demzee”]10762588[/user] ) it was alright (also short missions like these are a good idea for trainings).

By the way, how did everyone feel about the NVGs this time? To me it seemed we basically went back to the old ones, they provided a clear view but maybe that’s due to the bright night.

I had fun! Cheers :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the ops we played yesterday and in a larger scale the entire series.

I liked the concept of these small one-life missions. Of course your mileage may vary depending on how lucky you were.
Yesterday I spent all of my time in either a C-130 or a Harrier.

A few general tips:

  1. Don’t ignore your "specialist" roles lightly. If a pilot tells you there is a risk of something then the risk is most definitely real.
  2. Keep in mind what assets you have! If you have a 25mm gun flying around in the air don’t be afraid to use it and remember it is an option. Same thing with artillery, if it’s available: use it!

Really enjoyed these missions guys!

I feel bad for teddy, he died on the drop somehow. I went to get him and he was just floating gracefully to the ground, limp. Stone dead. Perhaps he collided with someone’s parachute or something and Armary happened.