Coop - The New Frontier

Leave feedback for the mission here <3

Nice second mission. I feel your pain trying to make AI attack decent. :slight_smile:

Well done boys, good work!

All credit to Shails in the second mission for keeping us all up i know i used her services more than i would of liked

I was only playing the second mission and I spectated about 10 minutes of the first mission. This feedback might be incorrect because of that but I felt that in the first mission the classic mistake of not taking a PLT commander with the group was what made the communication go south. We have to remember the importance of PLT.

The second mission was great fun. I really hope [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] will make more missions with the construction system and I hope other mission makers will follow up on his ways and implement it more often. It allows for the mission to feel like its part of the players as well rather then how Zeus intended it. So +++ for that addition. Communication wise I think we did really well and other then some RPG casualties that no one could have prevented we did extremely well.