COOP - The Longest Day

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Very awesome mission Longbeard. The attention to detail and quality was great. The bunker system and the interior of the rocket was awesome. I really enjoyed this OP, thank you!

Great stuff, very good pacing, well thought out enemy positions, very nice touch with the control room.

Thank you for a great mission Longbeard, the mission was really good, enough action to keep us going and enough downtime to treat casualties etc, the pacing was very good.

Yellow team performance was awesome throughout tonight’s mission, and alpha as a whole was very good. Only issue I had was when we got to the larger rocket objective area and the tunnels it felt like the fireteams/elements were racing each other for action instead of clearing sectors assigned. The tunnels were a clear example when both fireteams in Alpha took casualties at the same time because we were so bunched up. Not sure why this happened but something to try and avoid in the future.

Mortar support was great and so was the MAT support, Plt did a great job managing all the assets and elements in this mission.

Thanks for an enjoyable OP all.

Great stuff Longbeard! I’m looking forward to more quality missions like this, there is too much to say so here are some bullet points:
*loved the pacing, very well executed
*resupply drone, I need it, I think I’ve fallen in love
*tunnels - great stuff, worked very well too
*rocket - funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, great creativity tho
*the details - yeah, too much to name but let’s just say I can admire the amount of effort you’ve put into the scenery
*great commanding by Platoon, enough said, I enjoyed the execution
*MAT - MVP, had a lot of fun [user avatar=“” name=“Garf”]16274568[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Linski”]19674989[/user]

I think we need more small islands because I enjoy these kinds of missions.

Glad people had fun and that the pacing worked out great. The fog lifted a bit earlier than expected, so you should have had some more cover for movement with that.
Also happy that the bunker/command centre went well, it was designed to have some chokepoint battles, and people ready to receive/hit you from angles.

You were great at shooting out my pilots as they were racing to their choppers and trying to lift off.

The Tunguska’s was placed so that people should be able to approach them from behind cover and take pot-shoots at them. So sat with a bit of concern that you would land at the beach in its cone of fire, luckily some spotted it and you changed LZ.

If I use the drone again later, I would probably give platoon a UAV terminal, so they can control the drone themself and not have to depend on Zeus to move it.

Great to see someone put a lot of work into a mission again. It’s been a while since we had so much customization in a mission and I just love to see it.

Mortar was fun, not being able to see your impacts comes with some difficulties. Not knowing where to adjust for example. A dedicated person to help with that can make mortar better if they are blind firing. After we moved closer and we could see our impacts we could adjust ourselves. As we did with the radar for example.
Good stuff all around!

As I said to Blodos on the way there, we must’ve cleared Utes at least 5 times but this one was very different. Kudos for making it really interesting.

We’re getting better and better at using mortar team IMO and it’s a great addition! It’s a shame we didn’t get to clear the North of the island but there was a lot of stuff to destroy/kill.

Cheers for the mission Longbeard, was a good one :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, posting a new reply to grab MMs attention.

Thanks for providing detailed intel on enemy positions beforehand, it greatly helps planning!