Coop: The Island

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I’ll use this thread to answer a couple of criticisms that were pointed out during debrief.

  • Sometimes it takes forever to move forward to the next objective: yes it sometimes does. The problem lies on how strong friendly forces are and what the situation is. The longest moment we went without apparently doing anything (from a rifleman POV, but from PLT/Air Assets/Command perspective it wasn’t exactly doing nothing) was before assaulting the airfield and after Alpha took a beating. We couldn’t really do anything but wait for reinserts since nobody in Alpha had a 152 (and thus comms with PLT were basically cut out, despite myself switching to 343 Ch. 1) and there were several wounded people that needed treating. Bear in mind that from the moment we start prepping for reinserts and/or resupply it takes a solid 5-10 minutes for them to arrive, perhaps even more. Unless we start doing logistics in a different way (i.e. pre-designate LZs along our planned way during a mission, which is something I’m absolutely down for trying next mission that allows for it) this is not something that can be solved on the players end. A good instance where this was not a problem was in the "Summer of Sam" mission, where GM would just send some enemy forces to keep us busy while waiting. It seems the best solution for me.
    TLDR; account for waiting times since we are not playing Call of Duty if GM doesn’t plan on sending enemy reinforcements.
  • Charging the airfield with the artillery piece intact was dumb: yes, it was dumb. Unfortunately it was the most decent choice in my opinion. The plan was made directly after what I’ve mentioned in the previous point and as such we had already waited long enough. PLT, Alpha SL and MAT had a quick talk about what way would be best to approach the artillery and the options were to either go straight for it, circle around the airfield from either West or East. The East approach provided no cover and was thus discarded, the West approach would give us no guarantee that the artillery would not fire on us and it would have definitely put us in between two enemy occupied positions (the airfield itself and the remaining part of the island to the North). And that’s where the decision to go straight for the airfield comes from.
    TLDR; it wasn’t the best approach but others were way worse.

A part from this I think we did pretty well considering our numbers and that the mission was to essentially liberate the whole island.

You could have used the chopper to fly around it and land on the other side. Or stay behind the mountains and use the coast to walk around the airfield.