Coop - The Hornets' Nest

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A mission definitely on the tough side. I was expecting more peace time but it didn’t go that way. Next time for this sort of mission I’d go for a hit and retreat tactics.

I dont think Dagger was the best choice for this op in retrospect. Nightbird would have been a lot better for spotting and just as vulnerable (Dagger had a lot more armour but was often very unaware of enemies around it and so around half way through op took an RPG hit that took out 2 crew members) but a lot easier to sat that afterwards. Like the idea of the op but I feel we’re often geared towards "kill all the things" and this quite a change from our usual ops. Would like to do this kind of thing going forward to hopefully change our usual play style

[user avatar=“” name=“Quantum”]13011722[/user] there was a debate over picking Dagger or not. And while in retrospective Nightbird would have been useful (yes it would have), I’m happy to have had Dagger dealing with a couple of MBTs that could have possibly taken out even more of our forces. But yeah, note for next time have Dagger even just as spotting unit and for exfil of HVTs.

Also, note for the next time this mission will be run, leave out the insurgents or make them defend specific locations. I expected the mission to be way more peaceful than it was. It would have been cooler IMO to navigate the town relatively peacefully, we already had a lot of worries due to the police, the Mosque and the IEDs + civilians shooting at us.