Coop - The Docks

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Sad that no feedback for this mission, so I’ll give one.

I liked the mission, even though Mother and I were completely on our own. We had to sneak in past few patrols, eliminated two of them and then I got too cocky with third one getting too close to them. Mother tried his best to rescue me but then my PC decided to drop FPS to 2 due to hard drive swapping. [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] - is there something notoriously memory heavy in this mission? I had the same problem last Friday.

Other than that, really enjoyed the mission. [user avatar=“” name=“Baegel”]2509934[/user] had a good plan. One thing that I recommend for the future is decreasing number of objectives and area of operations. Platoons do not seize army bases etc, battalions do.

Where you were no. Would be good to test it.

Was a pretty great mission. Had a lot of fun doing mortaring with my man Teddy. Was fun to see our little minions crawling around fighting the enemy minions from a distance, as well. Only thing that is a little too bad is that the flares fired by the mortar are just flares, and not star shells like they should be.

I don’t know if there is a mod for that, or if that is a thing our omnisiah [user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] can have a look at, since he was already playing with lights? That and the fact that all ammo types are bunched into a single ammo counter is a bit of a pain, but [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] was on point with that, and we were able to reload in time before we started lobbing the wrong rounds by accident.

Overal, very interesting experience and would like more of the same.

Submunitions are definitely possible in Arma, Arma 3 M3MAAWS ammo PiP - YouTube - I forgot to add randomization, so the regularity of the circle was probably working against me and it was never accepted by reviewers due to feeling too unrealistic.

Is that something you could do for our mortars? Also, do you think you can change the current way the mortar ammo works into something more sensible? If you have the time and interest in doing so, of course.

Pretty much exactly what you show in that video would be amazing.