Coop: The Cartel

Leave feedback, videos etc.

First of all, FPS was very good as for Tanoa, rarely dipped below 60 for me.

I enjoyed the mission, we kinda blitzed through all the objectives and I almost died 4 times but it still had this Baegel seal of quality, you know the little details here and there. Engagements with the AI were good too, didn’t get many "unfair hits" nor bullshit AI behavior. Solid mission overall.

My only feedback is that I actually enjoyed the faction, I liked having a breather in a team alongside ARs, M21S is so much fun to use, it was a blast. Hoping to see more of it in the future. But please, get a bit more intuitive system for providing people with extra magazines for M16 and M21S in the future :slight_smile: I’ve heard complaints, however, I didn’t find myself struggling to get ammo.

Very enjoyable mission all round

It was always going to be tricky with two different guns that aren’t ammo compatible, however I was striving to emulate the real Search Bloc as much as possible, and compromises had to be made.

As for the Breacher, I think any CQB or police faction should make use of the shotgun as a machine gun did not seem appropriate for it

I also enjoyed it, it was a nice change of style from the usual ops.

It felt a bit too easy at some points, since our AI isn’t set up to engage us with small arms over the distances we engaged it at the quarry, but it wasn’t terrible.

Maybe I’d suggest enabling AI unconsciousness in CBA "mission" settings (via editor UI / addon settings). This won’t get applied to enemies (because we disable ACE medical for them altogether), but it would get applied to units initially friendly to the players - ie. if the VIP starts as civilian or the same side as players and then you change his side from zeus, he would still have ACE medical enabled, allowing players to do CPR / bandaging / etc.
But not a big deal anyway.

It felt too easy. The last objective was definitely more fun then the 2nd and 3rd. I wasn’t there for the first one.
I missed running through coke fields and finding money everywhere. Also it felt a bit weird how enemies surrendered to us a couple of times (informant in OPORD and at one of the objectives). In the real cartel this would not happen if they are already in fight or die mode.

I also missed out most of the story. The whole background lends for something much bigger.

Last objective was cool. It was struggling to survive because we got flanked and felt more like our typical objectives.

I don’t agree at all. This was heavily based off of Narcos, where cartel members surrender to the police all the time and talk even more. There’s a whole episode dedicated to how flimsy Narco "honour" is.

We also don’t have coke plants or anything the like, so I can’t make a coca field. There was tons of money at the first objective, but you JIP’d. That’s also why you missed the story, but most of it is in the OPORD.

What episode was that? I don’t remember that at all. All I remember is, people who shoot guns in the name of the cartels don’t just turn. There are even episodes devoted to how hard core they are and willing to be suicide bombers in places and blow up cafe’s and stuff for him.
So it felt a bit unreal to me.

I did miss the first objective like I said, but there are also dedicated episodes to how the cartels money was literally everywhere. Even in farmers fields and such.
The feedback was also voiced by others who were there from the start that they did not experience any story. Just voicing my opinion here that it felt kinda weak during the time I was there. I was hyped up for something more maybe after seeing Narcos recently myself and working on a Cartel-esk campaign XD

I’m sure your campaign will be filled with lots of story!

There was quite a bit of story, but a combination of no shared intel (on map screen), only radios for leaders and no shared map markers meant that it was very difficult to share it even when leadership tried.

Honestly I think the no-map-sharing mod is very cool, and it forces people to communicate differently. However, we probably need more than 1 op with it on to get used to it. An example is when Nightbird was going for a landing in the middle of nowhere for our resupply and leadership briefing before the last objective. The solution was for NB1 to tell NB2, ‘just follow me when I land’. Alternatively we could’ve communicated grid coordinates of the location so both helo’s could’ve placed markers (I didn’t speak up on radio since I was just monitoring for SLQ).

But ye, in every op where there’s RP, intel or a special action that someone has to make it’s always very hard to begin with for those not there to know what’s going on. This combined with the technological restrictions this op, meant probably hardly anything went through. Not a criticism on the op or on leadership, it’s just what happens.

Also, the insertion on the "sugar factory" was one of the most satisfying insertions we’ve done in a long time.

What’s this no map sharing mod? I want to use it does anyone have a link? :idea:

Its not a mod, its a module called "paper map" and its already part of our modset