Coop: The Base

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I am happy with how we played as a group, it was good. It’s just that I feel that it’s really really hard to achieve an objective against overwhelming enemy.

I was a bit sceptical about two technical things in the mission about damage, namely; our presumed inability to fight the Hind and our presumed ability to neutralize a Shilka with mortars. So I tried it out.

Hind: I thought that our .50s could fight it. What I found out: I was a bit disappointed over the damage the .50 did, but I’d still call the weapon effective. Especially if we used two Humvees on the Hind when it was just hovering.


1st clip is some slightly poor/unpractised shooting you’d probably find on the battlefield.
2nd clip is more trained shooting.

Shilka: I suspected that only direct hits would damage the vehicle sufficiently. What I found out was that very close proximity hits will eventually blow it up, with the limited 10 rounds we had in the mission. Though if fire mission is not very accurate the vehicle will most likely remain fully functional. I later tried with Zeus mortars (which was used in the mission), which I found to give similar results.
Anyway relying on these 10 rounds is a plan hanging by a thread.


1st clip is close proximity without direct hits. (other attempts with direct hits had taken it out in one or two hits).
2nd clip; the Shilka is move slightly away from impact zone.

Good mission, had good time. I like when missions are not easy.

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