Coop - The Base

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Great mission [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] . Thanks for reminding me how immersive Arma can be. A big thanks to team mates who made this so good.

Focused mission. Pacing very good. Keep it up.

Truly enjoyable mission, the difficulty was well calibrated too. I even had the opportunity to try my hand at alpha squad lead because Skippy was having a terrible time with his connection. Very good experience even if I got flanked during the first fire fight and lost 3 guys before we could fall back.

Thanks a lot Shiny!

Very cool mission indeed. Objective was simple to understand but not so simple to achieve. I think this is my first time attacking such a big compound. The fact that it was made from scratch made it even more amazing (awesome work on that, Shiny) Spotting and marking things was more difficult but also more useful.

One, and my only real, criticism: both times we’ve played this mission set we’ve had long runs/drives in to the AO. It’s not the most exciting thing to be doing, especially when we have an FOB in operation close to the objective. This could have started with the mortar barrage "on" us at the FOB and us moving out from there to stop the attack.

I especially liked the challenge of dealing with such a large enemy base once we were in an coordinating different teams inside it. Good use of friendly smoke to avoid FF. Good job by new Fire Team leaders and Squad Leaders.

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here!

Was a nice mission. I felt like this difficulty was a bit higher than we’ve had recently, which is nice. though the initial plan failed, the siege that resulted from it was very nice. I also liked that the enemy tank got some shit done, murdering my greens, since usually armor tends to blow up immediately as we see it.

Good mission!

For what concerns ALPHA squad we kicked arses :slight_smile: Also shout out to [user avatar=“” name=“Shadisica”]19944121[/user] for being an excellent FTL, in-team coordination was great, movement was spot on and we managed to adjust to every different situation especially in the big ol’ base.