Coop - Tembalan Infiltration

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On the mission itself

The mission in itself, if it wasn’t for the event OPORD, would be very good if it was on miniop level with one plot hole (see below). Host did try to reach to me before the event on Discord but I was AFK at the time so that kind of ruined it for both of us.

Still, the thing I was missing is clues on who is going to be the enemy, that’s a plot gap if you ask me. Nobody goes infiltrating anything without knowing who the enemy is. Gear issues were expected but we managed to get over them somehow, except the acre.

On how we played it

Considering the number of players, the lot of unknowns we had, we tried our best. First ambush was a complete surprise, we didn’t expect to get marauded by US forces on the checkpoint. After that it was slightly easier, at least we were aware on who was the real enemy. Attack on 1st objective could have been done better, red team (Flo and me) was sleeping on the job and we didn’t manage to warn the squad of flanking enemy. Most of the squad got dead because of it, so we (me) need to pay more attention to local security during raids.

2nd objective was good and then darkness embraced the island and we had problems due to lack of NVGs and some blue on blue (sorry Teddy). Unfortunately, it was getting late and we had to go back, do some prisoner exchange. Think at that point everyone was dead tired and there is not much point dwelling on it.

[user avatar=“” name=“Jash”]16385839[/user] , [user avatar=“” name=“Clarke”]11341464[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] were brilliant.

Points I’d like to put accross:

  1. Follow the MMT rules. Some ideas may be cool to MMT member, but players have a hard time adapting to them. I made my share of mistakes in that department and the best way to learn it is to be on the other side of the story.

  2. Practicing drills is important - it saves lives. Since we are not blessed with well known number of players in advance, our plans are made in 3-4 minutes at event start - which I consider an extremely bad thing. In such situations only our training can help, the stuff we do automatically. That’s why drills are important, to do things without much talking.

  3. I’d like to point out that Plt HQ element was needless in this regard from the beginning due to number of players. We could have been divided in 2 squads, then it would have a role to play, but we’d have two 5 man squads. Not much luck there. That’s why I let Jash do most of the things, because in the end, platoon commands would only be micromanagement of Alpha squad.

Good idea just needed some of the bugs worked out. We gave a lot of feedback in the briefing, which is a sign that people were really engaged with the idea… The main things I liked were the recon by air as we were taking the last but one compound. Very different to have live recon telling you where fire is coming from and very helpful. I do not think we would have been able to take that objective without it thanks very much Clarke!