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Quick facts for [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] :slight_smile:

  • T-80 can disable T-100’s engine with one well aimed APFSDS shot
  • T-80 can disable T-100’s main turret with 2-4 hits to the front armor of the turret
  • T-100 has ablative (is that the word?) armor shielding, so it can take quite a few hits to the side
  • T-80 can kill T-100 more easily with ATGMs
  • T-100 can kill T-80 with one hit into most places of frontal armor
  • T-100 is supposed to be vastly superior to T-80
  • a Bradley can kill T-100 with 1-2 TOWs

As for the mission, it felt a bit too "let’s throw lots of units in to make it cool and hard". Contrast this to some 1-2 years ago where a single MG nest overlooking the player approach would achieve the same. The latter is the gameplay I like way more. Making it hard with "realistic" means, not by throwing in many squads of dumb infantry.

A sniper 2km away, killing off players. A mortar shelling/tracking player positions. MBT/BTR on a hill locking down an approach. Encircling a town with players in it and advancing with mortar strikes - not because players were told to "defend the town at all costs", but because that’s what the players erroneously chose.

Personally, that’s what I’ve been missing in missions during the last few months in general, the raw feeling that the enemy isn’t there to throw random stuff your way for your amusement, but is actually trying to kill you the most efficient way possible. If they have a spotter on you, they’ll wait for a lul in your actions and engage when you’re most vulnerable (ie. waiting for reinsert, holding for a long time). If they have an attack helicopter with a minigun, they will use it to harass and spray the players, all the while sneaking a flanking element as close as possible (in "hold fire" AI mode).

If they see a transport helicopter in the area, they would assume it’s bringing in troops / extracting troops so they will follow it and RPG it when it lands, if in range. Not because the GM wants to teach the players a lesson, but because the unit was in the area and had the asset and opportunity.

That’s my kind of challenge. That’s what keeps me engaged. That’s what makes me improve.

[user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] - believe you’ll need to show the patterns of such things to GMs. I don’t think many of them know how to set that up.

[user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user]

Everything you say there might very well be true (I’ll happily take your word for it) but if I don’t get any visual feedback from the tank about it being disabled then I will have to keep firing until it goes down. I can’t risk just using the good old theory and assume it is always correct.

As Dagger I felt like I had little to do most of the op, we really got engaged twice:

  1. In the first engagement at the roadblock we were put in a Hunter which really made us a car without much use given we had no real good line of sight. Not being useful for spearheading or fire support meant that we were not being used.

  2. The second time we got engaged was at the FOB where we got disabled twice within 15 seconds of entering combat by what I think was that rockets on the helicopters.

This meant that the only time we really saw combat was when we disabled the enemy tank while we were reinserting. In general I would like to be dagger commander again but perhaps in a more combined arms scenario where coordination is required and we would be able to perform actual support.

EDIT: to [user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user]

I did some testing of my own and found that it would take 4 shells to turn the T-100’s engine to red and 5 to disable the engine. The first shot doesn’t even turn it orange; ATGM’s will destroy (cooking off) the T-100 in two direct hits to the engine block
The turret can disabled with 2 APFSDS Shots.

The T-100 on the other hand can instantly destroy (no cooking off) the T-80 from every angle.

I’m curious to see your testing methods as our results vary wildly?

In any case I would like to RHS vehicles fought with RHS vehicles or in any case not see armed vanilla vehicles used against RHS vehicles.
Testing also found that an orca can disable the turret of a T-80 with one direct DAGR hit and destroy it somewhere within 3-5 hits from a distance that far exceeds the capabilities of the T-80