Coop - Survival Day 1

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About mission I can just say :thumb:

OUT OF THE BOX, loved that !!!

Dachi, FPS were not so bad ! It were just in the first occasion where there was like 50-80 AIs, for 15 seconds. CNTR says it all.

Thx, to my team for good work ! I always appreciate it !

I found it a very interesting mission, not just from a "it’s something different standpoint" but also from a human standpoint.

How quickly people decide to look after themselves and at some point bravo considered just leaving alpha and PLT behind, I loved it :smiley:

I hope the rest of the campaign will be just as fun.

Had a great time during the operation. Alpha squad worked really well together with great comms between Skippy, Mother and me. All squad members were on their top game yesterday. Overall very few casualties and those we had always felt fair and deserved. Also really enjoyed the mission design and premise - looking forward to how the campaign progresses.

As a lesson learned I picked up on three things:

1.) Especially during monster missions, it is vital that fireteams and squads trust the other elements to cover their sectors and to not abandon one’s assigned area. These enemies can appear very closely and rush into a formation, worse case breaking it entirely.

2.) When lacking advanced gear such as GPS it is very important to use convoy net and announce/communicate every turn. I was a passenger in vic 3 during our transit to the airfield and we got lost for a bit twice due to low visibility.

3.) We knew in advance a helo extraction was on approach yet several members remained on the roof of the fire station. Only once the helo landed people started moving off the roof and a few even fell causing a noticeable and preventable delay. With two people unconscious our combat effectiveness decreased by 4 (two people needed to carry) - if we would have been rushed by a second major zombie wave further casualties or even the loss of the chopper could have been fairly likely. Long story short: when a helo is announced as "inbound" every member needs to get into position for exfil immediately in order to avoid delays or loss of the asset.

Very fun especially with just Dusty and I wondering around on our own, a two man team fighting zombie spawns was a rather harrowing experience but we managed to not get eaten.

When limited to short range radios the life of commanders is certainly a lot more difficult. However, it is when we have limited gear that our standard procedures for comms, plans and convoys are even more important. Map markers must be used to give everyone information on what overall and more immediate objectives are. Orders must be short and clear. Information on objectives must be passed along and made clear to everyone. In CNTO it has never been our practice to refer to map locations by grid reference (unless specified to do so by the mission maker) if you have lots of map markers on the map already then they should be used and you can add more. When it comes to convoys we should always have an order, a convoy leader, clear comms channel for convoy, a route and a destination. If we are under attack when we leave then this should be sorted as soon as we are underway.

Of course all this is difficult when the mission objectives are unclear from the beginning but even if we have been given only general instructions then it is the job of leaders to deal with the most immediate and obvious problems. I think we did well at the beginning in getting together and maintaining security later on we slipped a bit. Especially the final convoy. However this happens always at the end of long missions and no one should beat themselves up about it. Let’s use this to get even better in the future!

"Do you peel your zombies from the top or the bottom?"