Coop - Sua Sponte

Please leave feedback on the mission this Friday. This was a new faction so leave some feedback on the loadouts also please cheers.

I know there were some lag issues I have them recorded and they were pretty much exclusively Acre related.

Very nice mission, went smoothly overall. The engagements were immersive with sporadic contacts from sniper fire all troughout the mission.
The loadouts were also interesting with the use of the M27 instead of a belt fed LMG.

Excellent mission, excellent squad and excellent team leading.

The huge shadow on the event is severe game stuttering which, I will be honest, is a deal breaker for me. I don’t enjoy playing Arma at all with constant lagging and stuttering.

I really enjoyed the mission, it was great so thanks to the game masters!

This operation is probably the most enjoyable one I’ve participated in so far. Good balance of CQC and long range. GG WP and well made. Happy Shakan is happy.

I see no flaws with the mission itself but I do have some things I’d like to see more of.

Watching the OCAP I saw some interesting enemy movement I had no way of seeing in-game, and I believe the mission would have been a lot more challenging if there were any major flanking maneuvers (i.e. more than a fireteam or a single armed technical) done by the OPFOR. As Bravo 1 we were very mindful of our flanks and I believe we would have been able to handle them properly. I can’t tell if this is a challenge for Zeus or the mission maker, but I believe the unexpected moves by the enemy will bring more intensity to the mission and overall improve skills of the participants by forcing them to think and act quickly and communicate efficiently. I’d also enjoy urban and semi-urban warfare and would like to see even more of it in the future.

I hope the performance issues caused by ACRE are resolved soon as I believe there had been a slight but noticeable communication breakdown that led to the infamous blue-on-blue as well as the higher number of casualties during the final siege, as the teams were IMO reluctant to communicate with one another in fear of dropping the framerate for everyone. I certainly noticed that after getting pinned with basically my whole squad down south of the town and losing 2 men trying to get into safer cover.


You may find my point of view of this event as Alpha 2 Fireteam Leader at the following link: