Coop - String Beans

Hey Guys so just wanted to start up some discussion about the two Coop missions played on Friday.

First off thanks to Ryujin for producing some last minute missions I know he put a lot of effort into them.

So I will briefly mention the technical difficulties we were having which I wholeheartedly believe to be the fault of BI and their new update, there is nothing worse than working so hard on a mission and then have these issues which you can do nothing about or could have foresaw. I believe we as a collective dealt with them maturely and without complaint so kudos to all :wink:

To the missions for the first I was pilot so my knowledge of action on the ground is limited but I loved it I saw some great work and movement from the guys and Akado my Co Pilot managed to get off quite a few rounds which was nice. My Favourite part was when the US Chinook rocked up and landed troops really quickly under fire from from us and then started to engage us with some scary accurate fire we tried to fight back but his guns were bigger and better than ours so our engines and hill went red we quickly landed and close to friendly forces. This is when for me the mutual support all round was great, I informed Teddy that the bird was landed safely and could be repaired so with the help of I believe A1 and Freghar (A3) we smoked out the area and moved to the helo it took a while to repair but with A1 covering us we felt relatively safe, once the helo was fixed we jumped in and started it up which felt like forever as the Chinook was back, Feghar told us to leave him and take off and we did, off to safety. EPIC :slight_smile:

Shortly after the mission was over. I liked the simple concept of the mission and think the guys on the ground did really well while taking a high amount of casualties. One thing I want to keep an eye on is the skill of the AI they were lethal which in one way I like because it means by playing harder enemies it should force us in turn to step up our game and become better players. On the other hand if AI are super lethal it can be hard to stick around if you’re getting shot in the head every time you enter an engagement but this could be countered balanced with a rethink of Reinsertion times. On the whole great mission and we are obviously trying out some new AI settings so bare with us as we find our groove so we get the best experience for all.


Thanks for the feedback Dachi. I was relieved once I saw same sinking vehicles bug appearing on other maps and with other vehicles. I’ll try to find some time and look into it in order to find "safe" maps and vehicles.

We are only second week in with the new AI, so I’m not surprised we’re still getting used to it. We are however getting some really good feedback which will help us tweak the AI skill.

I’m glad you had some fun up there Dachi! I sort of gave you a Littlebird job when you had a Hip which isn’t really ideal as a CAS/scout but thanks for spotting and the fire-support. Sorry about the crappy LZ i placed on a slope and very well done to all for getting it back in the air. Like I said in the other thread everything went much better when I let FTLs co-ordinate and choose their own ways to attack objectives. It was also nice to find the vehicles un-sunk when I ran the prisoner over to them!