Coop - Steal Steel Steed (Halloween op)

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More horses and revolvers the next time.

Howdy partners,

that was one mighty fine mission! I’ve enjoyed it almost as crossing the Mississippi river twice in a same day. Them horses, did you find them by now?

If you ladies and gentleman please, did any of you God fearing souls made a moving pictures recordin’ of rancher’s boys quest? If so, please could you stick it to this mighty wooden board of ours so we can enjoy it.

I very much oblige. A big thank you to creator of this fine journey Seb and the guidance from above Dusty. Great job both of ya’.

Lovely mission, rescuing horses, check you guys asses and Jonnhy’s for snakebites. Everthing made it a Fun op. Byetheway is their a record off the Cnto band? West Virginia might become a hit.

What a great mission!

I do believe this is the mission of the year. Everyone seemed to be having a blast while at least for the most part keeping our standard gameplay. Furthermore, everyone seemed to super immersed and rolled played which I really enjoyed. The siege/sniper towers were janky but not too janky. In the end, they actually proofed to be really usable!

A very minor issue occurred towards the end of the mission when everyone seemed to do whatever they wanted without following commands or any sort of structure. But at that point, there was barely any enemies left and we were literally just before the mission end, so I can let it slide.

Thanks [user avatar=“” name=“Seb”]7849506[/user] for making the mission!
Thanks [user avatar=“” name=“Dusty”]10898144[/user] for hosting the mission!

Thoroughly enjoyed my evening!

Not sure if it will become a hit…


Great op. Spectating the spectacularly incompetent successful assault on the church was a blast as well.

For my first halloween opp I have to say it was really good opp and I enjoyed the roleplay that we did. So i would like thank Seb and Dusty for this wonderful mission.

I made an almost unedited video of the successful church assault, because it was amazing to watch.