Coop - Stalemate

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here.

I liked the the static line jumping, makes for a cool scene!
The OP was fun, coms seemed a bit messy though & lots of tactical blobs happened when moving around. Sometimes I didn’t really know what I was suppose to cover & whatnot but still had a good time playing with everyone in Bravo!

Static line jumping seemed cool, but we were scattered over a very large area. Is there a way to avoid that?

Anyway, I have to apologize to [user avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]16434735[/user] for shooting him in the head, it was a stupid mistake on my part and I feel really bad about it… I’m sorry man, I really am. But, [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] avenged you half an hour later when he killed Smehlik and myself with a bad nade. Dulabu and Smehlik got mowed down by what seemed to be the same rifle burst and I threw down a smoke to cover them when they became conscious again. Not two seconds later Churizo, who was standing behind me, started yelling something about a bad nade and I thought he believed that the smoke I threw was a proper nade and that he was referring to it as a bad nade. I tried to calm him down by saying it was only a smoke and three seconds later I was flying.

It was a fun mission and I think the jumping worked very well. It would be nice to have clarified though who is kicked out of the plane first and why since it did not follow the way we entered the plane.

I think teamwork was pretty good. Churizo was good at keeping people informed. To [user avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]16434735[/user] I would like to see you be more communicative as an FTL. Yesterday I didn’t get much information from you. It doesn’t have to be orders but just small things like "Good job" or "keep the fire up" is what makes or breaks a fireteam. We all know you know what you’re doing so just keeping in touch with your fireteam a bit more would give the full package.

Hey guys some of my feedback on paper as it were:

First off I want to ask how you think the AI was and how it was using the current Medical Settings?

For me personally I think it was great see here on CNTR CNTR - Carpe Noctem Tactical Recap
the amount of fire coming your way I was really impressed at how the enemy were trying to suppress you and how you thought back without taking that many casualties which all pretty much come from the BTR.

I mentioned formations in the debrief and here are some of the screenshots I took.

When numbers are this low in your squad do not use this formation.



As you can see this squad column is not even that badly formed it is just that it will have no effect what so ever on a contact front or even side, I would have done the squad wedge/arrowhead here all day long.

This 2nd Formation I believe Squad Column was called but pretty sure that there was confusing over what that was and this was the result:


Pretty sure you will agree this is a bit of a mess.

I hope you all had some fun on the op I will look into the order of ejection with Freghars help and see what we can do to fix the ejection process, the spread was good though and nice and tight compared to a do it your self jump that we normally have.

I will also create a formations guide with more detail than the one in TTP3.


Well Arba… I’m not gonna lie, I was very angry when you betrayed me with a shot to the back of my head 7 minutes after respawn on Tuesday OP(what were you even shooting at? :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I guess I can forgive you since Churizo, my sausage boy avenged me. Too bad for Smehlik who ended up as collateral damage in this process :smiley:

Anders, I will focus on that. I really don’t speak enough as FTL. Maybe it’s because when SL gives us orders on the radio I don’t feel like repeating that to you in direct speech is any useful and when you’re doing good I’d rather focus on spotting or something. But yeah I will work on that and maybe stop taking FTL when I’m tired, it might help :slight_smile:

P.S. How the hell do you address someone properly on enjin?