Coop - Soviet Strike

Please leave your impressions, feedback and war stories from Soviet Strike in this topic.

Thanks Dachi for creating the mission & thanks Freghar for GMing!

I enjoyed the mission, trying to manoeuvre between enemy patrols was interesting, too bad in didn’t last long before we were spotted & then attracted a lot of infantry to our position. Maybe the patrol density was a bit to high or we were just not good enough.

We took a lot of casualties, mainly from being suprised in the woods, & were a bit slow on movement at times (especially when the little bird was giving us hell) but I thought the communication was very good & everyone performed well.
Thank you to members of Anton for sticking through to the end!

Thanks alot for the mission. I liked the setting, in my opinion we should try to do ‘‘weather’’ ops more (snow, rain, mist). Had a couple of good laughs too at the base. Here’s my feedback tho.

I came in later so I had to wait in the base. At 21:00 we got redeployed by parachute and most of us died for an unknown cause (maybe we bumped into each other). Freghar as GM acknowledged this and decided to give us another go. So at 21:05 or so we tried again. After I explicitly asked where we had to land (checkpoint Kompot), i managed to land there. By the time my feet had touched the ground, I realised the group that I saw from the sky where enemies. So before I managed to even get my weapon ready I got killed. As you can imagen I was pretty salty about this. Especially after the operation last Tuesday where most of us also died because of parachuting in unknown terrain.

All in all this ment that for me I spend the first 1,5 hours or so of the OP at base, and eventually spend the rest of the OP driving to the airport and having a little action there for like 30 minutes.

This makes me really think that maybe we should rethink the whole parachuting system. It seems to go wrong more often then right and it really pisses the members that died off. It’s not fun to wait at the base most of the time if it is not really your own fault that you died. Especially when it happens so often. We had a whole discussion at base about how we could change this respawn system with [user avatar=“” name=“Berenton”]5892636[/user] and I believe [user avatar=“” name=“Crystal”]15436404[/user] who had some good idea’s, so I leave details those to them to share.

For the sake of ending this feedback on a positive note, I appreciate the way the community interacts with each other on the base and appreciate that after the reinsertion of death that [user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] decided to give us another go. Keep it up!

[user avatar=“” name=“Unknown User”]0[/user] I must have failed to get the reinsertion method across in the OPORD and to Freghar as the initial insertion was by Parachute and then reinsertions were supposed to be via Helicopter (landing at secured LZ’s.)

Glad you enjoyed the setting though sorry things went bad for you luck wise.

Very nice mission overall. The first launch went smooth (probably because of the high altitude and the consequent time to react) and moving in the dark avoiding patrols was interesting, we ended up getting killed because (you can see it from CNTR playback) a fireteam sneaked right at the center of our formation and we weren’t covering enough that side, although we were watching west and contacts were spotted south I feel we should have positioned in a better way, like some sort of semicircle in order to repel the attack. I can’t say much after that because many of us spent more time at the base than actually playing and I’d like to raise a discussion over this topic: as Racoon said we talked for half an hour about alternative ways to reinsert since dying after 2100 means your mission is over and you can very well disconnect, we didn’t manage to find an agreement and that’s why I’d like to gather up a discussion to improve our reinsertion system. Maybe it’s just me being bad at Arma or maybe it’s just AI too skilled in the woods but this is the second Friday I spend playing less than an hour in total and it is quite a waste of time.

Apart from my complaints though the mission wasn’t too easy and I enjoyed it when I got to be alive, thanks Dachi for making it up and Freghar for zeusing and being patient enough to paradrop us one by one.

This was my first mission with CNTO and lets say, first coop too, as i played single or KOTH before only. I will more write about my side opinion than to try evalueate like good/bad mission.

When we were joining the server for action, i got disconected bc battleye, did not load one file. So I had to go back to Windows, open arma launcher first and after reopen armasync a try to join server again, and it was working, so i joined like 2 minutes after everybody. Have too say Thans to Goat, bc the same problém i had, when we tried to solve my mods sync with server, so i did know, thx to him, what to do.

After HALO, i found out that it will be not so easy to get together from so hight altitude parajump and was looking around where others fly that I did not open my parashoot quick enough :smiley:

When i fell on the ground i was unconscious and tought like, im dead, no im not dead, i will respawn, no i will not respawn, i will have to wait for medic, and after this i woke up from the unconscious state after 1500m hard fall, to move 45 degreese seeing probably enemy with fleshlight. So I tried shoot him but was too late, and this time i died, hearing the boot victorious statement "ive got him" :smiley:

I respawned and found out that it will také 30 minutes to other redeployment. I was surprised that it will be so long time. Maybe the waiting time, i can say is too much, like 15 minutes penalisation is lot for me yet, 30 minutes… I do not know if it is important, but just for myself I would rather see like 10-15 minutes penalisation or some different interasting form of panalisation than just waiting 30 minutes and doing nothing, bc we are loosing time like a players. If i could change anything about the mission it would be the respawn waiting time. 30m is too much.

Second HALO we got the desync or bamp into each other.

Third was yet Ok. I just got there when the firefight was happening and the littlebird/pawnee was flying over our heads. Had a problém to orient myself who is enemy and who is friendly and did not know where i should be and with who i should be. For me it was quite chaotic untill we got to the first houses with trenches. I began understand, thx to others help, where I should be and who i should follow. Until that time i fired just about 20 bullets for suppresion and did not saw any enemy on my screen.

First visual contact I had on small hill above the airport facility. From that time it was fun like the my confusion disappeared. And saw nice flaking action from the other team. Our team got easily on the airport after about 15 minutes and mission ended.

So that s my story about the action, as i can not say good/bad bc it s my first action. See you next time :slight_smile:

I know this was an honest mistake but this typo made me crack up with tears in my eye’s. A fleshlight is different from a flashlight :P. Very detailed feedback though [user avatar=“” name=“Mother”]18447842[/user] !

Mother, I’m gonna be honest, that wasn’t the best starting mission :stuck_out_tongue: All this shit with trees killing people when parachuting and overall type of mission wasn’t friendly for new players IMO.

Usually we’re more organised. In the daylight, clearing our way to the target from our base to the objective, instead of paradropping in the middle of the forest between 3 patrols. Way easier to just walk in. Because of the night there was this thing that it was hard to recognise foe from friend(especially when you just hit the ground with parachute…). Also we were russians that night and we’re usually playing as americans so that added to ym confusion as I was too sleepy to think like I would normally :smiley: I literally fell asleep when we drove the trucks :stuck_out_tongue:

On our missions spawns are usually set each hour. So the respawns are at 21 and 22(and 23 at fridays). It’s not that everyone has to wait certain time, each hour there is a respawn. Sometimes you get back in action in 10 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes(although when I die it’s magically die 10 minutes before respawns usually). The point of this is that we’re not playing some sort of deathmatch against AI where you respawn every 15 minutes but you care for your life. Trust me, on mini ops or just some low numbers PvP events you respawn really quick and it’s just not the same… It’s really lame because I know I will respawn soon and the game looses so much depth…

If the next mission will be nice, straight forward, a lot of shooty-bang-bang type I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Everyone is a little bit lost on the beginning, just gotta learn how tp react to certain things and you’ll be okay

This mission was enjoyable, at least while I could enjoy it by not being dead. I really liked the change of environment to snowy and being ruskis for a change.

Regarding the reinsertion systems we have discussed at base, when we were dead. While most of it had their own downside, just like current one, this was what seemed interesting to most people.

-When you are dead and respawn at the base, you don’t know when the reinsertion will happen(unless you are watching VISICOM).
-If there is need of reinsertion, squad leader(or next in command if dead) can request "HQ" (GM/Zeus) for reinforcements.
-GM/Zeus can either deny or accept this request, with either immediate dispatch or 5-30 minute ETA. It could possibly also decide how big the reinforcement would be.

This could make the game more dynamic and, if GM is sadist, more interesting :evil:

Back to actual mission. As always, it was very enjoyable. Not sure what else to add as I think, everything was mentioned by now. Having a fleshlight at base might boost morale :wink:

So, waiting in base has become an issue I see? :slight_smile:

Before complaining about reinsertion procedure, check if you’ve done all you can to prevent you from dying. Looking at others flying and forgetting to open the parachute doesn’t seem to be the best idea. GMs already have a gut feeling for adding reinsertions so … kind of needless to change anything. Issues with connection are handled by teleporting you back near your unit.

When you join the unit on Tuesday/Friday night put yourself in the following mindset - "This is my unit, I have only one life and I’m going to do my best to survive and not let my teammates down". If you do that, you’ll have the best immersive experience in Arma you can have.

I really don’t like to complain this much but please mind that the best immersive experience in Arma is very likely disrupted by getting shot from behind trees, in a situation when you can’t do a thing to counter the enemy (basically because you don’t see it) and you get killed anyways.
I’m not saying we shouldn’t die at all under any circumstances, but that there are situations where it doesn’t feel fair because it’s just not your fault. If you watch OP recording you can clearly see that when we got almost wiped the first time it was due to a bad sector covering, the second time though I clearly remember hearing one bullet flying by my head then getting instantly killed from who knows where.

[user avatar=“” name=“Henrik”]8061610[/user] - that is the perfect complaint and you have every right for it.

AI on some maps is impossible and GMs should take that into account. Chernarus (any variation) springs to mind as one. There are others. We should also ask ourselves do we really need to play these maps if we don’t stand a chance.

Hopefully, the vanilla AI should have much less of these moments.

In general - I agree that having to wait for a reinsertion due to no cause of your own is a bit … shitty. For me, these are often technical issues (as GMs generally don’t teleport on disconnect) or joining late (~20:15) when the player platoon already left, but a random mortar shell or a random invisible subsonic bullet can also ruin a day.

However I disagree with the notion of "fair" fight; some people argue that ie. AI engaging players with an MBT from 2km away when they "cannot see it" should be avoided as it’s "unfair". Or a similar situation. To which I say: Bollocks! The MM doesn’t even have to give players the tools to deal with it. Somehow we’ve adopted this approach that the GM should enable players to deal with every threat, which is just bonkers.
If players rush forward and get mowed down by an unseen MBT that has been shooting at them sporadically from a larger distance, that’s not "no fault of their own" (collectively). It’s very much a player fault in situational evaluation and planning and if there are no assets to deal with the problem, the problem should be worked around (avoided, lured away, etc.) or the mission adjusted/cancelled with retreat taking place. Like in PvP, it doesn’t matter if the players have the tools or not, but whether they had fun playing, whatever that meant.

Regarding the mission; I wish some AI movements would be better, but ASR did what it wanted. :frowning:

Hahaha, when I see Freghar complaining about ASR AI, I know it’s really bad. :smiley:

Just to be Crystal clear [pun intended], what we discussed at base and what I posted, wasn’t about "how it’s unfair that AI killed me from 2km because it can’t see all the trees and juniper bushes and that rabbit that was blocking my sight, no, I am not crazy" but rather about how to increase the immersion, that we all love so much.

I really think it would better, at least for immersion, as those who are still living don’t know when and if they’ll get any reinforcements. It would be be up to GM to decide, possibly creating some very interesting situations. At least that’s my point of view on this issue.