Coop Siege of Chernagorsk

Hey guys, sorry my internet died and maintains a level of shitness that gets me battleye kicked whenever I try to rejoin again. Hope teddy did a great job in my absence, thanks for taking the initiative. Hope to see some videos posted.

How were the weapons? Any issues?
Did you like the assets provided? (Vehicles)
Did combined arms improve the gameplay or detract from it?
Did you like the enemy and its attack intensity?
What about enemies composition (enough of a mix between tanks, infantry, IFVs, APC)?
How was the AI?
How was the overall pacing for you? Were there alot of boring lulls?
Was the OPORD descriptive enough or would you have expected something more in there?
Was the landscpe interesting? Were the tools provided useful in the landscape?
Leaders, were the tactical aspects fun?
How did you like the mission idea overall?
What do you think made the mission good or bad experience for you?

Shame about all the issues, but I thought it was a great mission up until the problems started.

Alpha 2 had a great time

  • used ingenuity to re-position the field gun to blow stuff more effectively
  • expertly retreating only losing 1 guy
  • somehow escaping an MBT in an MRAP with 0 wheels.
  • I lost my legs, only being able to walk and also I lost my backpack somewhere

"Somehow escaping an MBT in an MRAP with no wheels"

On behalf of the MAT team, you’re welcome :smiley:

The thing rolled right past us, and once we got done shitting ourselves, we shoved 3 rockets up it’s arse and ran away.

It is always a shame when technical issues fuck up an otherwise fun mission, especially in this case where it completely broke the server.

I thought the landscape was really well picked for this mission. There was lots of cover and defilade to exploit, but the enemy had a massive flank to abuse, to make up for it. I’d love to play a V2 of this mission and hopefully be able to see it all the way through.

Very good mission (too bad for the server crash). I really enjoyed the combined arms and having to engage several types of vehicules. The AI was good too, executing flanking moves and more or less sticking in fireteams. The pacing worked well once the action started and the constant fire & manoeuvre initiated by enemy harrassment kept the tension up.
The OPORD was very detailed, maybe too detailed with the plan already laid out for us but it was fun too execute with specific roles for the various elements.

Hey the MRAP didn’t survive(it exploded moments after we left) and neither did my legs(they were in the MRAP when it exploded) but thank you anyway.

I agree, I would also like a V2 of this mission

The mission was nicely setup and it’s a great shame a server crash cut it short. I am sure things would have run much better had Price been able to run it himself. I am glad I made some fun moments for you and that was a pretty amazing defense especially moving the at gun so it was shooting into the side of everything that came up the road!

I had so much fun with the big gun!

Although I’m pretty sure I still had a few HE rounds that when the HEAT rounds finished, disappeared! - it’s worth testing…

I was working very close to Seb and I agree with his points, I’d like to add that I never felt fighting alone while retreating so it was nice to see everybody covering for everybody else.

In terms of the mission design and intensity, aside from the long wait while Price was sorting out his issues, it created a good atmosphere, never overwhelming with enough intensity and from a couple of different directions to keep us on our toes, it was great…

We should definitely play it through!

The mission was fun and everything worked well(if you can say that) until server crashed. One thing that wasn’t so great was our position(Alpha 1) because we were extremely easy to flank from the coast side and to make our position worth anything we borrowed a shovel for some trenches. It was very nice to hear bullets flying above you and some motherfuckers trying to wallbang us through fence - THAT! was something new. Hope we can replay it somewhen.

Hey guys, it seems you all enjoyed yourself, glad it went well, up until the server crashed. I’d also like to run this mission again in future (with some subtle changes) so you can see it through to the end and hopefully I can see how it plays out too now my internet is behaving. We may also be able to get more numbers this time, and have at least an extra fireteam to cover your flank.

Arma hits again - but I’ll cast aside Arma for the time being.

Mission was very well planned and designed.

I have two complaints though - leave some space to Platoon commander (less execution steps and less map markers!) and please, do the briefing. I know, I hate briefing people too after writing wall of text in OPORD, but it’s expected.

I liked far too many things to write them all, but here is a short list:

  • realistic scenario
  • realistic use of all military branches
  • giving players ability to use things like field guns was ace
  • mines
  • even the thing that we didn’t fight initially was good for me (you probably didn’t do that on purpose due to connection issues)
  • normal sized opponent (company strength from what I’ve seen in the mission file)

Overall, very good, thanks for making this.

On technical side of things - we should maybe look in our recent mod updates for clues. Vanilla Arma is running smoothly.

[quote user_id=“13688253” avatar=“” name=“Highway”]Arma hits again - but I’ll cast aside Arma for the time being.

On technical side of things - we should maybe look in our recent mod updates for clues. Vanilla Arma is running smoothly.[/quote]

The issue yesterday was a server crash, not a memory leak. Don’t know if they’re connected.

By the way I have to say I like to be unsure what I’m gonna face in defensive missions. It’s nice to know what to expect in attack missions since… Well it’s pretty much how it works, you don’t go blindly into battlefield. But back to the point, When you leave something for our imagination it’s great. What I mean by that I don’t want to know every detail about the enemy(unless the scenario allows you to have this kind of information) so when you say there are gonna be vehicles you say: Transport vehicles and some armour is to be expected. We don;t know if this is gonna appear and it builds up the tension if we are waiting for that heavy armour to pop up but it never actually pops up. It just leaves us on our toes. We never really get the clear information about numbers but it’s usually kept in nice proportions so nothing to say about that but this element of surprise is really nice. You’re not sure what’s gonna hit you. In this OPORD we knew everything. Recon is gonna show up, then the big boys and we blow them up. While it was fun to blow them up I would much prefer to know that the convoy was coming. That’s it. No info about armour or anything. It might be one of those things that only I like but when we have defensive missions I really want informations to be kept to minimum so we are ready for everything.

I finally got around uploading my recording of this event.

You may find my point of view as Alpha 2 Fireteam Leader here:

[quote user_id=“17128302” avatar=“” name=“Lastmikoi”]I finally got around uploading my recording of this event.

You may find my point of view as Alpha 2 Fireteam Leader here:[/quote]

Good job using the explosives for the ambush and saving the mines for further back I don’t know about the other fireteam, they might have placed mines on the road too like numpties completely negating the explosives, I wasn’t paying attention. I like seeing common sense! Mines should be placed off the road to the side to hit enemies moving off the road upon inital ambush or further down the road. Explosives are carefully timed and spaced to inflict maximum damage to a convoy all at once.

Also recon’s intel about the enemy movements weren’t relayed to you, which sucks They managed to spot the mine-layers and open fire, and were not ambushed. Good job taking it off the road though, way to think outside the box.

I cringed a lot when you guys hit the barbed wire. Its the third time that people have fucked their vehicles on my missions. Recon fucked their UGV in altis, Recon fucked their quadbikes in the town at the start of this mission. And then that too. I hope everyone has learned that barbed wire stops vehicles now.